During last 15 years; we have clearly seen the search engine hierarchy. Google is dominating the entire search world with all other platforms behind it. Bing has also come in the scene but has grown slowly in the search market.

It has more than 20% share in the search market while Google at 66%. During the recent years, Bing has powered Google’s popular rival Yahoo! Recently, Google signed new partnership with Yahoo and this unites the competitors in search world thus pointing toward the future of search engine relations.

Yahoo Google Partnership Deal

Yahoo Google Partnership Deal:

This partnership deal came into existence once the terms of this deal were re negotiated with Bing. Under the new deal terms, Yahoo got the right to have search ad provisions from various other companies.

Now as per this deal with Google, the results will be provided as per Yahoo and in return Google will offer some percentage to Yahoo from all the revenue generated from those displayed ads.
This deal will function till 2018 and it will allow Yahoo to have complete control over the queries that it sends to Google which later then are sent to Bing. In this way, Yahoo will get best from both.

Why do Search Results have less importance?

Search some different terms via Yahoo and you will be confused to identify whether these came from Google’s search algorithm or Bing’s algorithm. To get an idea about the same, you can type the same search query in both search engines and then compare the results.

The differences will be clearly seen to you but these will be very minor and for most of the terms; you won’t be able to tell a single difference.

At present, when it comes to search engines; Google is at the top. Some are even unaware that other search engines do exist but other search engines like Bing are also able to catch up in terms of features and ability and it even has its own version of Knowledge graph.

Various other forms of search such as those offered by Siri and Cortana rely on the same type of factors as well as same structured data as per Google. This means the search results that you see will be more or less the same.

How this will Effect SEO?

The Yahoo Google Partnership is a sign that Google recognizes it is an inevitable shift in search engine technology. Google generally doesn’t feel threatened by Bing or Yahoo and it never has any guilt feeling of something taken away by Yahoo.

The reason is even after this partnership; Google will still remain a champion for more such years in case of functionality and slowly we are marching towards the era where we won’t be able to recognize from where the search results will come.

Now, search results will not be based entirely on Google SEO but it will be a mixture of Yahoo, Google and Bing search algorithms.

This will make it difficult for SEO developers to prepare a proper SEO strategy however for those who are following best practices for onsite optimization then for them there are very less things to change. Most of the modern search platforms are based on same indicators and structures.

Will this Deal make search simple or complex?

So, now search results will be a mixture of Yahoo, Google and Bing Search algorithms; so here rises a question whether it will make search simpler or complex.

We can say it will be more complex as more varied and sophisticated algorithms will be responsible for making the results available based on the search queries. These algorithms will even have complex relationships with themselves.

It will also be simplex because you will have to worry only about few best practices that can be used to rank queries in complex situations.

How Paid Advertising will be affected by this deal?

Apart from SEO; Paid advertising will also be affected by this Yahoo Google Partnership. Yes, it has not released any such new AdWords feature but still there’s a chance that one of paid Google advertisements can actually be visible in Yahoo search.

Will it affect your advertisement in any way? Will it make difference to you? However, at present it is difficult to reveal all this but still the demographics used by Yahoo are very different as compared to those used by Google.

Here, Advertising costs will also be affected directly as Google and Bing are now in competition for the same.

Wind Up:

This Yahoo Google Partnership may not change the entire SEO World but it serves to be a good example of how SEO world will become unbeliever of the platform from which the search results arrived.

So, if you are any SEO firm or we can say SEO Professionals who are entirely focusing on Google algorithms then it is the time to brush up your SEO strategies and think in broader aspects because now apart from Google, Yahoo will also be considered while framing a well planned SEO Strategy.

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