Now a days, Google keeps updating its search algorithms so that all spammers can be banned and real websites must get chance to rank among top search engines. Recently, Google came out with its new search algorithm – Penguin SEO. This update throws off the black hat SEO users from the search engine results.

So, what exactly Penguin SEO update is? Here, we have given a brief idea about this new search algorithm from Google:

Penguin SEO Update:

This came into existence in order to maintain the importance of over optimized websites as compared to those that are having unnatural links. With Penguin, all websites using illegal SEO Services are penalized.

What is preferable by Penguin?

Penguin prefers to have natural search terms. For instance, when you are searching for any SEO Company Melbourne then your website must include keywords that seem to be natural such as SEO Services Melbourne, SEO Services at affordable rates and more.

This is to make sure that keywords doesn’t seem as if they are promoting your website yet they should appear as helping viewers to search what they exactly want. Another way is to simply avoid these keywords and just mention “Click Here” so that whenever anyone wants to visit your website they can directly click on the link instead of being re directed indirectly through keywords.

What Penguin doesn’t prefer?

Too many keywords on a single website redirecting to another website is a strict no with Penguin. Those websites using such techniques are the ones that are targeted the most and in no time they are banned by Google. So, be aware, Penguin’s peak is at your website, anytime it can pick you and throw you out in case you have adopted some malpractices to boost your search results.

Why was Penguin update introduced?

The main aim of Google is to provide relevant results that match the search query of the person. If it fails to provide what readers want then that day is very near when it will have to shut down its business. So, in order to render relevant search results; Google adopts various tactics so that it can save viewers from being attacked by those who just use their search keywords to grow their business without providing any relevant details.

A website that matches the search results may not be useful to the user. So, this update is launched to provide the user proper information.


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