We can see almost every website has few buttons that link to their accounts on various social networking sites such as Face book, LinkedIn, Google + etc. Is it not OK if we don’t add these links to our websites? No, it’s not. Here’s the reason:

Implementing Google+ Button on your Website:

Google + is a well known social sharing site by Google which allows users to post, share the statuses, links as well as other content that is informative for the visitors. It is an efficient way to share your updates with your clients.

Users can also recommend other websites with the use of “Google+” button. While viewing your status on Google plus, users may feel it worth recommending and they do so with the help of Google Plus button.

This is similar to “Facebook” Like button that allows users to share, promote and post your content on their websites or social network page. The main thing is that the number of times your content or status is shared by Google +button. They are counted by Google’s Search Algorithm as well as are considered for search engine results. Every single click on this “Google +” button is considered as one social vote. This shows that users are satisfied with your post and they got what they were in need of.

Content for Social Sharing:

Know about the audience that shares and reads your blogs and also focus on those who will wish to +1 your post and share it with other users. Creating content keeping in mind the readers will increase the number of shares thus increasing its promotion.

So, to wrap up this; we recommend to add “ Google plus” click on your website as now the number of shares on your Google plus post are considered in Google Personalized SEO results that include the statics of how many times your post is +1’d by users .

Try to get most of shares by creating the content accordingly that it becomes easy for visitors to share it and post it on their own social account. To know more about such techniques, reach to Platinum SEO – Melbourne based SEO Company and try to get most interactive content developed by experts.