Google AdWords is used by most of the business people to identify relevant keywords which can be used to boost online presence. Previously, certain tasks were to be done manually and those who are using AdWords might be very well aware of this thing.

So, let’s see what has changed in Google AdWords and what things have now been automated. Now, when it comes to automated things; we experience that things have now become easy with just a single click.

This has made people lazy as everything is easily available within comfort zone via online shopping. So, slowly things are getting so easy and quick that no one has to do any hard work or very less hard work.

Further, internet giants like Google have made more attempts to increase this laziness and so more of automated PPC services are available here for advertisers.

Previously, these four tasks were done manually in Google AdWords but now these have turned to be automatic. So, let’s see how a manual task is made automatic by Google:

Things that will now be automated in Google AdWords:

  1. Call out Extensions: We all are aware about the Call outs added by Google to the unending list of ad extensions that is available to the paid search advertisers. Using such extensions; advertisers can easily include an additional line of text in their advertisements as this helps them to highlight the benefits offered by them like as Free shipping, Low price guarantee, discounts and lots more.

    Another thing is it was easy to set up these extensions but now Google announced that for this it will launch a completely automated version which will have new dynamic call out extensions.

    How automated call out extension will work?

    All the information related to business and products will be added by AdWords itself. This information will be taken out directly from your website and then will be displayed in the text ads.

    So, now your website should have updated information as then only this call out extension will be useful to you and that too without much of hard work. This is very useful for those who feel so lazy to add the details.

    However, along with this option; Google AdWords still provides an option to let the users create call out extensions manually.

  2. Using countdown in Ads: Urgency is the thing that leads people to act quickly. In order to get more conversions, this urgency is to be created. There are various ways to create it and one such is to use countdown timers on your website which shows very less time is remaining for the product offer to end. Such time based emergencies propel customers to take quick action.

    But adding this countdown can sometimes turn out to be a boring task for advertisers as it needs to be updated regularly. This too is now automated by Google. Now, with this new countdown feature advertisers will get the opportunity to highlight days pending for the sale to end.

    This will reduce its product availability and finally your text ad will count the days automatically and as a result, the continuous task of changing it manually reduces to an extent.

  3. Shopping Ad Extensions: Fully automated extensions are now available for Shopping Ads. This serves to be a boon to all of the eCommerce advertisers around the globe. Yes, this was not that complicated to do manually however many advertisers actually neglected it and most of them almost used to forget to update the details.

    Shopping Ad Extension

    Keeping this situation in mind, AdWords launched automatic shopping ad extensions. This extension works on the information obtained from retailer’s feed. Here, the main aim is to gather the information which will be useful to shoppers who are actually willing to buy the products from you.

  4. Dynamic Search Ads: This is one of the widely used features offered by AdWords. Normal search ads are usually triggered by keyword matches. However, these dynamic search ads are triggered based on the site content.

    For conducting dynamic search, Google makes use of its organic web crawling technology which will help to analyze your website. When the user types any query in the search box which is relevant to the site content then it will automatically generate an ad.

    Such ads make easy for advertisers to easily manage things as Google automates most of the work. This can be completely a hands off approach for some Pay per click managers. Such ads have various levels of control.

    One can choose to show ads based on the entire website or particular category or pages. The overall expense can be saved by using specific bids and proper budgets. The manual route can allow advertisers to control ads properly.

Why Google decided to change to the Automated Model?

Google seems to be a customer centric company and hence it constantly is involved in finding ways that can boost customer experience with organic as well as paid listings. Further, Google also wants to ensure that advertisers achieve success in their network.

Initially, very less people used to make most use of AdWords in order to boost their performance. As time passed, Google made the set up process easy. This can be frustrating for those who go an extra mile to take the benefit of advanced features.

Wind Up

So, now using Google AdWords can be very easy and quick as few of the important tasks can be done very easily with this automated model. Next time, when you use AdWords for your business make sure you try this automated model.

Or if you feel it is making you too lazy then manual option is always there for you. Love this post? Would like to know more about Google AdWords? Then stay connected with Platinum SEO; Google AdWords Management Melbourne which shows you how Adwords can be used to an extent to improve your business performance.

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