SEO mainly relies on user experience. If your website has a better user experience, then it is likely to rank No.1 and there are chances that people keep visiting your website on regular basis. As a result, you will get more loyal customers and this will also help Google to get enormous profits.

The main thing that makes your website popular is site navigation. Visitors make maximum use of navigation menu and so after creating an elegant web design, the next thing that must be considered is navigation menu.

And sometimes people forget to think about such an important part of the website. It’s like we are focusing on developing nice buildings but forget to create strong pillars and the result is your building can fall one day.

Same is with the business, if your website navigation; a strong pillar of website is not looked upon properly and you are most likely that you can fail to get more number of visitors even though your website is good.

As per Google, you must ensure that everything on your website is quickly available within 1 -2 clicks and this can only happen if your website navigation is smooth. So, develop creative, intuitive and fluid navigation as this will enable customers to find everything easily from your website and Google spiders will also be able to navigate your websites quickly.

So, let’s discuss about how we can make website navigation best?

  • Selecting the Menu Layout: Different types of Menu layouts are available: Vertical, horizontal, dropdown and more. Keeping in mind your need, you can select the one that satisfies your need.For Beginners, horizontal navigation menu layout serves the best. Usually, English is read from right to left. So, everyone visiting your website will read in the same manner and this is the best style to attract the viewer’s eyes.Another thing is vertical menus occupy more space which can be used for adding content, advertisements, forms etc.Talking about dropdown menus in the vertical layout makes it difficult for users to get what they want and this increases Bounce Rates (discussed in our earlier blogs). So, the conclusion is Horizontal Layouts are more popular.
  • Interactive Menu: So, half work is done is by selecting the horizontal menu. Yet, there are more things to be accomplished. Now, the thing is to add menu titles and make them as interactive as possible.Try to make things properly visible on your website. This means the important links such as Sign up and others must be displayed with different colours so that users can easily find them and the issue of user confusion is eliminated.Menu bar really helps a lot in increasing the user experience. So, think as if you are the visitor of your website and identify what things are required to make your website navigation more popular and you must be able to answer the question that what visitors are supposed to do after landing on your website? Your answer to this question means you have done more than 90% of work.
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