Social media is an awesome place where people interact with each other and share everything about their life. Be it any topic social media is the most preferred platform to discuss about it. There are many hash tags that can be used on social media which come as dialogue.

Hash tags can also be read as heart touching requests. Social media is a place to carry on with conversations. With the best use of hash tags, any discussion can be easily spiced up. Through these tags individuals can easily gain a sense of being involved in the discussion.

In order to make most use of Hash tags, several hash tag tools are available in the market which can be used for social media marketing. With the use of hash tags, information can be easily spread over the social platforms as single hash tag can be used in more than one SEO channel.

Benefits of Using Hash tags:

  • Importance of Hash TagsPerfect weapon for marketing purpose and make people aware about current hip happenings in the industry.
  • With hash tags, one can also easily reach the target audience and get more exposure. Further, hash tags are an easy way to communicate with audience and networks in the same industry.
  • It’s also one of the important ways to keep an eye on competitors.

In order to make best use of hash tags, it’s necessary to use them effectively and so there are plenty of hash tag tools available in the market to make them more productive.

Some Important Hash tag tools:

  • If you unaware as to what hash tags you must use then hash is a very useful tool which will help you with list of hash tags that are currently popular. It also provides hash tags that have more tweets. For detailed information about hash tags, articles published on their website can be a good source.
  • Hashtagify.Me: Another important useful tool to get relevant hash tags for any particular word is It provides related hash tags with all details including its popularity and relevance to the main tag. With the Advanced Mode, one can know more information about those tags.
  • Topsy: The beginning of any hash tag or when was it first used, all such details are available here. With Topsy’s API, one can know how and when any hash tag was born and then it also provides some links, photos that include those particular hash tags.
  • Tweet Reach: To know the effectiveness of hash tag, tweet reach is useful. It provides complete information as to how hash tags will benefit you and how effective an event or a campaign will be if a particular hash tag is used in it.
  • HootSuite: Once you are ready to use hash tags on the internet then the question is about posting the content on social media sites along with hash tags. Here, hootsuite will help you. It allows you to schedule posts and also track the hash tags used. The entire activity of hash tag can be tracked with this tool.

It also provides an insight about the strategy used by competitor and if same strategy is adopted then through hoot suite it can be tracked easily.

Wind Up:

Hope these tools will help you to find the relevant hash tags, know their effectiveness and popularity and then use them accordingly in your business and in case you need any in depth assistance about hash tags or any other Social media strategy then SEO experts at Platinum SEO, cost provider of effective SEO packages Melbourne can come at your help.