Catching up with the latest in SEO practices can be a tricky business indeed! With Google bringing about 500 algorithm changes every year, that’s a lot of keeping track with constant updates and being alert and sensitive. Business people cannot do that, but the experts at SEO in Melbourne know what is going on at Bing and Yahoo too, and cater to the specific needs.

Now that the year is soon ending, the focus should be on what new parameters 2017 would bring and how best high search engine rankings would boost traffic and business revenues.

SEO in Melbourne

People are constantly tired of repeating the same formula that is now getting rather stale. Long tail keywords, lots of unique images and videos, longer article lengths, heightened user engagement, etc. Rich answers would be among the new requirements that had not been so obvious earlier though everyone would have glimpsed some of those on the ranking pages. Is a single paragraph going to make such a difference? Maybe it would.

  • Aim at mobile screens

Getting smaller is the buzzword like shifting from cinema hall screens to television. The smartphone is the new electronic champ that spells the future of online business. Everybody is working on mobile phones all right and they serve lots of important uses with no need for bigger screens. Responsive websites that can adjust bandwidth and accommodate small screens would attract more business of course.

  • Longer articles get more attention

Customer preferences are sometimes hard to decipher! After all the tiny adverts that the world fell in love with, online surfers nowadays prefer articles of maybe 1200 words or more. Research reveals that attention spans online are very brief. In any case, give them what they want. A few years ago, 300-word articles were preferred. Subheadings and bullets besides images help the reader along too.

  • Get into rich answer mode

SEO in Melbourne recommends rich answer optimization like a paragraph that appears at the top of the organic search list. Only about 19% of the searches deliver rich answers and most of them appear for song lyrics searches but may increase soon. Relevance is crucial. Starting with command words and using a precise heading is the way to go. Aim for the first page of course.

  • Unique images and content will bring responses

The problem with the best of images is that they could multiply and be splashed all over the internet. Yet the fact remains that the rare images attract visitors, whether adverts, paintings or photographs. Besides, accompanying content often makes the crucial difference. The best images by themselves will mean nothing without superb content that leaves a little mark on the heart and soul.

  • How to improve user engagement

Technical aspects can be measured through software like average visit time and bounce rate. Yet it remains a big mystery to understand how and why, without supporting data. User engagement does decide SEO rankings and it is obvious that visitors who enjoy the site experience would linger a few minutes longer. Tools come to the rescue.

Some of those tools that show which page was visited how many times. Such an understanding would help improve performance by pulling up the weaker areas. It allows such a detailed study in understanding customer responses. Now it is better understood what is working and what is not.

Expertise, knowledge, experience and enterprise in the particular niche may be the most important criterion that would bring higher ranking. SEO in Melbourne would provide dedicated finishing touches in the right direction and make sense of the digital forest that characterizes the online world. Your Money or Your Life pages are concerned with essential services that contribute to human happiness and health. Platinum SEO Services is getting more and more serious in 2017.