Paid search industry is very huge and wide and since its inception till now, it has changed a lot.  The basics of ad copywriting and testing remain the same, however text ads have transformed to an extent where various points are to be considered.

Among the devices, formatting, ad extensions and audience types; now writing an effective ad copy depends on various factors. Recently, a new function was launched by Adwords – IF Functions which has something new in the world of ad customization.

SEO Text Ad

With this feature, advertisers can easily change the ad message depending on the user device. Mobile preferred ads can now be written without any need of ad customizers or developing a mobile oriented campaign.

So, it is necessary to create ads based on devices?

Today, devices play an important role in surfing internet. Previously, there were separate campaigns for mobile as well as for desktop and now we are able to write mobile preferred ads.

In the latter half of 2016, Google once again gave more importance to mobile only campaigns with the search identifier “-100% bid modifier on desktop and tablet, this shows only mobile device enabled ads.

Today, with the launch of this IF functions; the mobile preferred option is removed. Here, the question is why to think mobile only when all devices play an important role. Are you going to create device specific campaigns or everything within same campaign?

Are you willing to write device specific ads and extensions in different campaigns? You can create mobile based campaigns only if 70% of impressions are coming from mobile devices. Let’s say you have a campaign that is targeted for all devices then you must see what breakdown is.

In case you get maximum traffic from mobile, then break out the campaign and make the existing campaign mobile only.

Using Ad extensions for Text Ads:

For any text ads, headline is the most important one. Description line, display URL and ad extensions are there just to compliment headlines. With double headlines, many users switch to other text as most of the searchers click on the ad only after reading its headline.

It is necessary to use targeted keywords as well as call to action in headlines. Headlines must contain only important messages. Ad description must be relevant and must offer more information to the searchers.

It is necessary to have all the details such as sitelinks, call outs, structured snippets, reviews and price however at the top of all this, headlines must lead the charge.

How your audience must be?

Every text ad aims at giving some message to its audience and hence it is advisable to create new campaign that will reveal the correct message and makes it easier to divide the data. It is necessary to create different message for every audience.

Further, you can also consider demographics in order to create different ad groups based on age and gender. Keyword bids will be then different for every age range. Again, here are two possibilities: First many ad groups that can lead management to go out of control and granular segmentation is useful only if you have sufficient search volume.


Ad writing varies according to certain factors and there are different audiences viewing the same ad. As a result, advertisers make most use of them to make our searches better. So, while developing different campaign structures, make sure to consider components that will provide better conversion rates.

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