Do you own a website? Do you get organic SEO rankings? Have you faced such times when your organic rankings get reduced? What is to be done during such phase? Yes, at times, you may redesign your website, change the URLs and then at those times, the pages may be shifted from one domain to another.

This shift can lead to 404 errors and this can be one of the reasons for fall in organic rankings. In order to fix this, it is necessary to have Ahrefs, identify broken links and 301 redirects to new pages.

Identify Broken Links

Suppose if your organic search dropped then you must check your source code and make sure that your pages are completely indexed. There are various web development companies that include “no-follow” in the robots.txt file while developing a website but then it remains there only; they forget to remove it.

Let’s say if you have bunch of categories, body text removed or move over meta text then there are issues that you can see and you will need to correct them.

So, what should one do if the traffic drops for several months?

If you find decline in traffic for several months then first of all know the date from which this decline has taken place; take help from Google Analytics for the same if required. Then, choose the Google update that suits you the most. Once you know what works for you then it becomes easy to fix it.

There are two main Google updates: Panda and Penguin. Panda deals with on page optimization whereas Penguin is made to look after things like back links.

Penguin: Here, it is necessary to conduct a backlink audit and remove any bad back links. It is advisable to use Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and Google Webmaster tools. Combine all three together and then create a separate category.

Using Ahref backlinks, know about anchor text ratios. If they are low in number then disavow the links or change the anchor text to weed them out. Penguin strictly removes the exact match anchor text.

Let’s say if you want rankings for “Morning Bells” and you use the same text in hyperlink then it will be weeded out by Penguin.

Panda: What actually Panda does? It will just search for unnecessary keywords in your content and then if found any; it will consider it as inappropriate. Hence, it is necessary to create user friendly content with less keywords say one keyword per line item.

What if Rankings are lost for Key Positions?

Oops, it is a saddest thing when your favorite keyword ranking goes down. Google is actually like that. It has tough competitions where when you lose something; someone gains something.

Take a look at their competitors. What do they excel at? Better content, better products and what else they are doing, to become better. Many times it can be their social media following that makes them better or may be your competitor.

It is a good opportunity to use Ahrefs, follow their back-links and then replicate the similar ones.

Take Away:

So, what your business needs? How are your rankings? Do you think they need to be modified? This blog post will definitely serve that purpose. Let us know what knowledge you gained from here.

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