With the way the demand for SEO is growing rapidly, it is becoming important for companies to utilize new tools and techniques by which they can optimize their website in better ways. Google has established itself as the topmost search engine and has been running on top since many years. The Google search engine is widely used by most internet users. It has also provided a number of tools for improving SEO. One such tool is Google Webmaster tools which gives you advanced techniques to plan, evaluate and optimize your website.

Google Web Master Tools

GWT Tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is quickly becoming a popular tool amongst SEO experts since it provides technical aspects about a website. It mainly focuses on page errors, crawl status and rich snippets, the ones which were not available in Google analytics tool. Below are some of the easiest ways to use GWT for improving your website SEO.

  • Improve HTML.
  • Content keywords
  • Structured data
  • Data markup helper
  • Sitemaps
  • Removing URL


The tool gives you details about what pages have been indexed on your website, which are the popular keywords, what links can be used, find out errors and many more analysis techniques as well. A website designed and active in GWT has more chances of getting ranked well. In order to use GWT, one has to sign up with an account, verify your domain name and then you will be able to use the tool easily after completing the verification process. Once you are done with verification, you can utilize the features listed below:

  • Get used to with Search Queries – The area of search queries gives you information about traffic and keyword. You can check query, impressions, clicks, CTR, average position etc.
  • See trends- if you have recently designed a website, then you must look at how effective is it. It can be one of the best ways to change. You can search the current trends of your website by tracking all the information about what SEO strategies you used and how it was effective in terms of traffic change. You can gauge effectiveness of your website.
  • Get information about keywords- In order to understand how your keywords are working, you can use the query option and then dive the data of each keywords used in your website. With the performance of keywords, you will be able to understand the success of your SEO.
  • Find optimization with pages- You will also be able to view the top pages in search query in order to understand how each page is performing. You will get information about impression and clicks on the page.
  • Refine your strategy of page level- Once you are able to retrieve the list of keywords used, you need to make sure that it contains all possible combination of keywords.

When you are planning to develop an SEO strategy, it is important to consult GWT as it gives you quality analysis and details. If you want to dive into new opportunities and looking to build website using professional google local SEO service then you must hire professionals from Platinum SEO services. They will provide data with new opportunities to help you understand how you website performing and what all new features or tools that you can use.