When we say SEO friendly web copy, what does it mean? If we define this term then it can be defined as the combination of three SEO elements: a) Keyword research, b) A web copy that mainly focuses on benefits c) Call to Action.

Web copy is made of these three main elements. Many of the businesses are completely unaware about the meaning of keyword term. Here, we have discussed in brief about certain things that a web copy contains.

Meaning of Keyword Term:

Let’s take an example of firm selling cosmetic products. This firm while doing online advertising mostly used the word “cost effective cosmetics” as an Ad term. Now, if we just type “cost effective cosmetics” in Google then it will show 14,70,000 search results.

Meaning of Keyword Term

So, here we can see there are innumerable brands selling cosmetic products which can be seen in the search results.

Overview of SEO Friendly Web copy

Now, how can a company differentiate its product from others? Here, SEO Friendly Web copy plays an important role.

A Small Idea About Keyword Terms and SEO Web Copy:

In this copy, it’s necessary to describe the type of cosmetic products sold, provide their specifications and also more exact search terms related to the product can also be found from well known keyword search tools like Word tracker.

Selecting the keywords that have minimum 1000 searches is recommended. Once the keyword is selected for a particular page depending on the searches done by customers then these keyword terms can be included in the tags, web copy as well as meta descriptions.

With the help of this example and other such examples, it can be made clear that keywords are the terms or we can say that are widely used by people to search any particular product, service or any information. From this, we can understand that generally businesses fail to understand the complexity of SEO and use words that even don’t relate to their business.

As a result, they fail to get desired results. However, it’s not necessary for every business to have this knowledge because experts are available to do this task.

So, What are Good Keywords all About?

Like we discussed before, keywords solely depend on customer. For example: Whether they are visiting your website, know about the company. SEO web copy must show what exactly company does? How it helps its clients to solve the problems? And what extra efforts or different ways your company applies to solve the problems which makes you look unique, different from others.

Some questions to be covered in the Web copy:

  • With a view to explain your company’s work in an appropriate manner, it’s necessary to include the answers for some questions in the web copy. So, what these questions are?
    Describe the problems that you have solved for your client.
  • What’s makes you different from competitors? It’s recommended to describe this with an example or case study. A simple way to out show your talent is to describe your prospect and your solution to it. What prompted you to start this business? And such interesting things that actually grab the attention of viewers.
  • Reveal your experience along with examples. Like as” within our 10 years of time span in this industry, we have trouble shooted many complex issues like x, y and z”. Describing issues and your solution to them will actually create trust among readers and they will gain certainty that you are the only one who can solve their problem.

Clients should be easily able to identify your strengths without applying much effort. This can be easily done with the help of SEO Web Copy and this will definitely help you to gain more prospects. Hope this guide will be useful to whosoever is willing to make SEO friendly web copy. For more such informative posts about SEO, be connected with SEO Professionals in Melbourne, Platinum SEO.