Generally, when it comes to sales and conversions, we just check have a look at the figures and the entire attention is on making more leads in order to reach the target. So, what exactly the conversion is?

It is a just an event where starting points can be considered as finishing points and vice versa. Many websites also perform post conversion techniques and do many experiments to identify the influence of various offers on customers and which one attracts them the most.This is really important. So let’s understand why it is of prime importance?

How Do We React During and After The Conversion Takes Place?

A research carried out by any group clearly explains the thoughts of a normal human being before and after conversion. When our eyes catch the picture of any product which has the capacity to attract consumers and we love to see it, during that time the part of our brain called nucleus accumbens also known as pleasure centre secrets dopamine, an element that makes us happy and excited.

And due to this as a customer we are tend to purchase the product thus giving a conversion to the seller. In the similar way, product pricing also excites us through another brain part called insula. When the price of the product or service is extremely high or is not in our budget, we are likely to refrain ourselves from purchasing the product.

And in case, the price is what we want then there’s no neural firing increased in the insula and as a result, we quickly buy the product. In short, any product buying decision solely depends upon increase in the neural firing, a substance generated by nucleus accumbens. If the insula present in our brain increases the neural firing then we don’t buy the product and if it’s not increased then we take a decision to purchase the product.

After Purchasing The Product

Once the buyer purchases the product then it is the time for buyer’s remorse; it is the feeling generated comparing the product with its price. Here, sometimes the product may make us happy as we get perfect thing for perfect price and we may also be sad while comparing price and product.

So, the main aim of the seller’s should be to create a positive buyer’s remorse feeling and for that it is required that seller must adopt some good post conversion strategies to create a win win situation.

For this, sellers must give certain things to the buyers

  • Special offers, coupons and discounts
  • Webinar access
  • Information about the products
  • Bonus surprises
  • Access to webinars
  • Special treatment etc.
  • And in return for these things, Seller’s will get
  • Maximum Sales
  • Good Feedback
  • Positive Product Reviews
  • More social shares
  • Loyal and satisfied customers
  • Maximum followers.

Sellers can offer free bonus, discount coupon for every share to every customer. Just conversions are not enough, it is also required to properly maintain the post conversion relationship with the customers.

Post Conversion Relationship
So, to Maintain The Conversions you can either give them an entry to well known competitions in exchange of good product review or making another purchase of certain amount. This will help them to stay connected with the sellers.

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