Twitter cards help you to create brand awareness, promote products, get more traffic as well as increase the sales. These widely improve the user experience but still some of us are unaware about these twitter cards and how important they are for our business.

We all know that Twitter is day by day becoming the most popular social media channel as compared to others. In the same way, Twitter cards are becoming widely popular and there are several people who are completely unaware about its use.

Twitter cards enable us to add photos, videos as well as provide a richer media experience for the tweets. For marketers, these serve as a tool to enhance their business in several ways while users can see the better experience.

So, what these twitter cards are? And how are these used to generate revenue in order to help advertisers to get more clicks, shares as well as app installs while others simply increase the user experience.

Here, we have mentioned some of these cards which will help any business to grow on the internet:

  • Summary Card: Summary cards offer the content preview which is being shared in a tweet before one clicks on the link to visit the website. Summary cards consist of blog posts, news articles and product as well as business descriptions.Site developers can use them and the summaries can be expanded by clicking on “View Summary” in the bottom right corner of the tweet.
  • Photo Card: Photo cards; as the name suggests, are used to showcase huge images in the tweets which users share on Twitter with five lines of code. These images must be less than 1MB in size and photo cards having a minimum size of 280px wide and 150px tall are only displayed in the Photo cards.These photos can be viewed in an expanded form by clicking on “view photo” located at the bottom right hand of the tweet.
  • Gallery Card: Have you ever see a tweet containing one or more images? Yes, this is nothing but a gallery card. Gallery card includes multiple images which means it can provide a preview of up to four images among a huge collection.These gallery cards can be implemented with just 10 lines of the code.
  • Player Card: Player Cards are used to directly add videos and audio clips in to twitter timelines. Developers need to submit these player cards for Twitter’s approval and once approved then these can be seen functioning on twitter site as well as mobile apps.
  • App Card: App Cards are used on Twitter to sell mobile app advertisements and these are well suited for enhanced mobile experience. Developers who are working for app publishers can use these app cards to promote the apps.Social Media Marketing with Twitter

    These cards can be used with 13 code lines. An app icon is displayed along with name, description, ratings and price when these app cards are used. It becomes easy to download any application from these twitter app cards.

    The user just needs to click on the Download button to install the app quickly.

  • Product Card: These cards are useful to promote brands and retailers because these include detailed information about products and services thus making it easy for users to understand products in a better way.Product cards need only 9 code lines and these include product image, description as well as two of the important product features. One can directly reach the product page by just clicking on the link at the bottom left corner of the card.

Wind up:

Anyone can get benefit of this card subject to the condition that proper code is used and twitter rules are followed perfectly. Those who share these tweet links on their website will get more details on their timeline.

Every time when users interact with these cards, tweets are enhanced and as a result timelines are more visible in the search results.

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