Real time social listening with real time response

What is this real time social media marketing? It is a simple theory where response can be given to customers within less span of time. If any consumer has tweeted on the post and in some second we don’t respond back, sometimes it means that we have lost that potential customer.

Yeah that’s true. By the time we respond to that tweet the subject matter is away from the consumers’ mind. It takes very less time for social community to move on. Social community operates within minutes or seconds rather than hours or days. Due to this, it is necessary for several brands to frame a structure through which they can quickly respond to customer query and also interact with fans and followers.

Various social listening tools are available which are in demand at the moment. Brands that consider social networking for conversations, detractors, fans and influencers can easily take the help of these listening tools. Online engagement not only means to respond customers, it means to provide quick and appropriate response that makes a deeper impact on the social users.

Social Media Users
So, in order to get maximum conversions from social media users, it is important to use some of the recommended social media listening tools which are as follows:

Useful Social media listening tools

  • Google AlertsAn important way to discover latest updates posted by anyone else. Yes, not all things are covered in Google alerts yet it provides a perfect insight on what’s going on in the social market. It is one of the ways to get some feedback about any kind of search query.
  • Tweet DeckA social listening tool that eases the management of social media accounts. Search columns can be added on twitter for easier search. It’s not necessary that #hash tags must be used while tweeting and not every one’s hash tags are used or followed. With tweet deck it becomes convenient to know the entire discussion and provide an immediate response to the people.
  • Social mentionWith social mention, the overall data from various platforms is to be collected. These results can be from Face book, twitter, YouTube etc. Some analytics also identify the positive and negatives about the various active resources. This tool is absolutely free.
  • TopsyThe main focus is around social media mostly blogs. An email alert can be created instead of getting registered and then this can be used as one of the tools to provide quick response to the social media fans and followers.

Wind Up

Every social media tool has its own pros and cons however every tool is important and is free to use. One can easily use the one that is convenient to its needs. Anything new can be easily known when one uses such social media tools.

This helps business owners to create perfect online marketing decisions. Now, the secret is revealed and if you wish to improve or make customer relationships better than it is the time to use these tools. To get more guidance about social media marketing, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, well known SEO Company in Melbourne.