Some Digital marketers love to use A/B testing. It helps to maximize the user engagement as well as relying on data rather than just the intuition while selecting the best content to give to the visitors. With A/B testing, a deeper insight about visitors likes and dislikes can be available so that several type of experiences can be developed and compared to get the actual idea of what things are popular among visitors.

Multivariate testing is generally less used and understood however it is equally valuable to the marketers in Digital Marketing. It gives an insight about the experiences and elements mostly preferred by visitors by revealing the percentage that every element contributes to boost conversion rate.

It will be best to explain multivariate testing with an example

Considering a webpage that consists of headlines, videos, information box and the most important call to action button. A/B testing is already done as we suppose and the existing web page layout successfully passed the A/B test layout.

However, we can know that particular content in every page location may not provide the perfect results and then there’s a need to change it with superior content which will then consist of two or more headlines, more videos, separate information boxes for particular information and two types of call to action buttons.

Now, the thing is to select the variation that will be most liked by visitors. Here A/B testing helps. With these tests, one can know which design combination will be liked the most by visitors and which will attract maximum viewers.

Here, intuition can also be useful to identify the best suited combination. A/B test can be conducted to identify the option that performs the best and then that can be used in the actual website appearance.

Multivariate Testing Explained

The drawback of this test is that it is difficult to find which component led to success, was it the headline, the video, the information box or combination of all. It is uncertain to identify the element that led to success and that’s why it is impossible to identify the perfect place for investing resources in creating superior content to improve the website performance. This is the place where multivariate testing is most useful.

Who provides multivariate testing?

Adobe target standard and Adobe target premium are currently the providers of this Multivariate testing with a complete workflow developed to render easy access to the technical marketers. It includes all the different combinations of the elements that must be specified and also shows the experiences to the visitors.

It also checks the elements that contribute most to the winning experience. These are the most important insights that are used to develop new content which allows to concentrate more on the required efforts.

Wind Up

With the help of multivariate testing, it becomes easy to find the combinations that must be placed on the website to attract maximum visitors. In order to gain more information about multi variate testing, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, a well known Melbourne SEO Services provider.