Online advertising is a way of marketing products and services by using the internet to pass the massage to customer. Online advertising led to PPC, which is a model of online advertising whereby the advertisers pay some amount of money every time their advert gets clicked.

PPC stands for pay per click and is a way of buying visitors to your website rather than trying to earn them organically. Advertising through search engines is the most popular form of PPC.

Here, in this blog post; we will take a look at some of the important PPC ideas that must be considered by experts in 2016:

We have read all the recaps, goals and trends of post articles that we can handle on a paid search but there are particular areas that affect our customer journey. This is why PPC Campaign management is necessary.

Important PPC Ideas are as follows:

  1. Make use of HTTPS to stay visible and secure: You have to stay secure and visible. Everyone on the web considers HTTPS and Google had announced that this was going to be a lightweight signal for ranking in organic search and will eventually have more weight in future.Again in April 2015, Google brought up an HTTPS for the Ad Words items which allows the HTTPS encrypted ads. According to Google; a change on ad experience will come from these updates not only for the users but also for the advertisers.

    The aim of PPC Campaign management is to join efforts in order to offer a wonderful ad experience online for the customers.

  2. Make use of How to Videos: To get more customers, “how to” video content can be used. Video ads are the most common resource for many advertisers including the B2B. They might not bring direct sales but they have several other benefits. The benefits include cheap clicks, they are so more engaging and many people prefer video these days.To create a “how to video”, you need to first find the questions that are frequently asked by customers. You can collect these questions from customers or from search terms and Google consumer surveys or the Google trends tools can also be of help.

    You will then come up with a video content targeting YouTube and the display network for Google as one of your strategies. While creating these video ads, you should bear in mind that customers have previously used those kinds of video contents in bringing new products to the market and they really love it.

  3. A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed: The next step is to assist the customers whenever they need you. This is where live chat is very important. Customers getting feedback online from a live person is the best feature websites can offer.Being available when your customer needs you most, it makes them have a great experience and they will always want to come back.

    If you want to join the chatting business, beware that several changes have taken place ever since online chats got introduced. You need to consider the integration abilities, the design and data.

    Live Chat
    In data you should know how chatting impacts conversions with the tools available. Live Chat gets integrated with Google Ad words so that they can identify the clicks to be converted to chats on the website.

    You can as well try something new in 2016. Analyzing the customer journey can give ideas on how to combine some tools and techniques in order to invent something new.

Take Away:

We all use PPC at some or the other point. This blog post highlights some of the points that can help to make PPC interesting in this New Year. Hope this will be useful to you.

Let us know if you need any further guidance related to PPC, PPC Campaign Management Experts at Platinum SEO will be happy to help you.