What is more important to you on the internet? Your Company Website, Isn’t it? Maintaining website is little bit tough. Do you really think anything in this world is tough? Proper planning and organization of things makes everything easy.

Talking about our own website, the main thing is to market it properly so as to achieve success. It is necessary to stay updated with latest web design trends. Hence, at specific intervals of time; it is advisable to redesign your website.

So, for every business owner; it is useful to stay aware about the latest trends. This will help them to re- design the website in an effective way so that it is as per the recent demand of the customers. So, let’s take a look at some of the amazing trends that can help web designers to create a wonderful web design.

Current Web Design Trends:

  1. Mobile optimized Design: An important trend that is most useful for business people. Today, most of the people are using mobile to surf internet and the usage of mobile for the same has reduced.As a result, there’s a huge impact on the type of software, mobile content as well as the design of the website.
  2. Minimalism: First of all, your visitors must get attracted to your website. There are many websites which distract as well as upset visitors. Hence, there’s a need to jot down the factors that must be useful for developing a mesmerizing website so that viewers are compelled to take action.
    Web Design Trends
    This trend works well with mobile as well and its interface can easily fit into small screen. Yet, another important thing is your website must get downloaded faster.

    According to the Design experts, minimalist websites must have following features:

    • Flat Design
    • Definite Colour Schemes
    • Very less UI elements
    • Proper use of space
    • Thrilling typography
    • Grid Maps

    Here’s an example of a website that has perfectly utilized all of these features:

  3. Flat Design: Above we discussed flat design to be one of the factors that must be considered for developing minimalist websites. So, let’s understand what exactly flat design is?“Any website that has the design where things look simple and easy without any messy look is said to have Flat Design”. This means it should be easy smooth looking with a professional touch.

    In short, a flat design is one that avoids the use of gradient shades, extra colour effects, drop shadows, unnecessary glow and more. It just has simple selection of colours or few shades of gradient that give an elegant look to the website.

    So, can a flat design have an image? Yes, flat designs can include an image but again it should be very simple looking.

  4. Background Images and Videos: What’s the new trend related to background videos and images? It is the website background that keeps people stuck to your website. Hence, this is one of the design trends that most people look for.However, this also needs some professional touch like as videos moving in right direction, images cropped in proper manner and lots more. Yes, one thing is to avoid if possible is to use animated videos.
  5. Custom photography and illustrations: Design world is filled with lots of creativity. It is far more than just including images in your website. Most website owners prefer to use stock photography which is the door to innumerable risks.These can include the chances of those images being used by others, lack of real images which can reduce conversion rates as these are more believable as compared to those fake ones.

    Apart from real images, one can also use custom illustrations which can boost the originality of the website. Most of the websites are using the same template with few alterations in the text. Such sites may not gain the same visibility as those that are hand drawn.

    So, custom fonts can serve the purpose here.

Brief Note:

These are the recent web design alterations going on in the market which are most preferable. Designing is a field that evolves very quickly. So, every time you re-design your website it is advisable that you must go through the recent updates and include them in your site so as to keep it updated.

A well known quote by Steve Jobs “Design is how it works and not just how it looks” itself says a lot about how a website should be.

Wind Up:

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