Whether you opt for SEO; online marketing, responsive design, Internet Marketing, Social media marketing and various other techniques, the main aim behind all these is to increase conversion rates. All these are the plans to boost conversion rates.

Every website owner, online business owner has one aim in mind to utilize the website to get more customers. There’s huge difference between “customers” and “visitors”; websites may have enormous number of visitors but may fail to get customers.

So, the thing is to transform viewers into buyers. Hence, for every business it is vital to increase conversion rates as this will ultimately lead to boost in sales. However for this, it is necessary to have a definite goal.

Now, to a layman if we ask how to maximize conversion rates from 20% to 50% then what will his answer be? It can be to post more updates on social media, have better website content, website re-designing, following latest trends, having responsive designs and lots more.

Increase Conversion Rate
But without proper planning and perfect strategy and knowing definite ways; how can one proceed ahead? Working on just assumptions can cost you lots of money and time.

Hence, it is advisable to know about some result oriented ways that will definitely help you to advance your conversion rates. So, here we have listed some of these ways:

Important ways to Increase Conversion Rates:

  1. Carry out A/B Testing: When it comes to conversion rates, testing is an important part. First of all, let’s understand briefly what actually A/B testing is.“A technique or we can say method that is used to test from two or more alternatives and identify the one that gives the perfect results.

    Conversion Rates Testing
    One can carry out these tests at any given point of time and continuous tests will only show you the best suitable option for your business.

    Testing can be done for headlines, Page layout and navigation, offers, size of order buttons, call to action wordings, media useful for marketing etc.

    In order to perform such testing; one can use tools such as Google content experiments, Visual website optimizer and more.

    Testing is a never ending process; it must be carried out on every page every time you make some changes.

  2. Create a Sales Fuel: Avoid asking people to get enrolled or purchase your products as soon as they sign up. There are users who are just browsing your website and may not be ready to be your customer.Buying decision depends on the value of the product. To buy costly products, viewers may take more time to understand it completely before investing their hard earned money. For certain products like softwares, it is necessary to offer a free demo before asking them to purchase it instantly the moment they sign up.

    Hence, first of all; Create the awareness, then increase the interest and then finally ask them to buy. For example: You are selling an e-book on Weight Loss tips, hence first you can offer one or two chapters for free.

    Let people try those tips and get the result and once they are satisfied they will definitely buy it. The main thing is to show viewers how and why your product is useful to them, the moment they find that their need is satisfied they will purchase the product.

  3. Avoid Using Jargons: Simple language is far more effective than business jargons because jargons can be understood only by people belonging to your industry whereas simple language can be understood even by layman.The clearer your language is, the easier it will be for users to understand your product or service.
  4. Develop Trust: People don’t buy from you for four reasons:
    • Either they don’t need your product or they don’t have money
    • They are not in a hurry or they don’t trust you.

    The only thing that is in the hands of business people is to build trust because you cannot create the need or offer them money to buy your products.

    So, trust can be built by providing perfect accurate information, providing your business address so that they can feel that this website belongs to a real organization and not the fake one.

    Easy website navigation, easy ways to contact you, having a professional design are yet other useful factors that can develop trust in visitors.

  5. Remove Distractions: Your website wants visitors to focus on single action. So, it must not contain such things that distract them from doing so. These distractions can be:
    • Excessive product menus
    • Unnecessary use of slidebars and huge headers
    • Avoid using irrelevant stock images.

    In short, you must remove all those things from your website that doesn’t contribute to conversions.

Brief Note:

These are just few steps. The world of ideas is enormous and there are many more ways to boost conversion but these are some that every business owner can do. Are you aware about some easier ways then these? Feel free to share those with us.

Wind Up:

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