With so many social media channels available on the internet, it sometimes becomes very hard to decide as to which social media channel must be selected to maximize the marketing efforts. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are many other social channels available that can be used to make most use of our online marketing efforts.

So, today we are going to discuss about other two social media channels: Pinterest and Instagram and decide which one is the best to get desired results.

Pinterest and Instagram: Which one is more useful?

During recent years we have seen Pinterest and Instagram becoming leading marketing tools for many online businesses. However, just depending on any one is not going to work and so it’s necessary to think about every social media channel in depth before actually using them.

So, before deciding as to what social media channel is to be used for marketing purpose; it’s important to know whether that channel will generate proper results or how followers can be increased on such channels?

Now, if we talk about Pinterest and Instagram; both are image based Social channels i.e. we can see several images on Pinterest in terms of pins and we can also see many images on Instagram. Hence, it’s important to know as to how content can be shared on these two platforms with a view to get more viewers.

  • Instagram is preferred more as compared to Pinterest: Images on both the platforms are shared with the use of hash tags. If we talk about content, Pinterest is the one from where content goes viral quickly and with their new intuitive search feature; it becomes easy to quickly get the pin that we are looking for.Further with its re-pin feature, Pinterest can easily circulate the content and if we talk about Instagram ; posts can only be shared with the use of Instagram app and as a result, chances are less that content can be shared more frequently via Instagram.

    To get more users engagement, it’s necessary to post quality images as well as videos on these networks.

  • Every channel has its own communication style: If we seriously want the desired results from various social media channels then it’s necessary to understand the conversation style followed by every social media channel as every channel as its own way to communicate with viewers.On Instagram, more focus is on personal communication among the followers while public comments are welcomed on Pinterest and it hardly includes any communication among followers.
  • Pinterest is ideal for referral traffic: Here, for businesses and brands it’s very easy to drive traffic. The main reason is a pin includes the website link as well which tends the visitors to look at that link. As a result, more viewers can be expected on the website.In case of Instagram, these can be posted but hyperlinks are not included in Instagram. Pinterest links can be increased by just pinning any post thus making the content sharing easier while on Instagram, direct posts are included and so Pinterest is a great way to maximize visibility and awareness .
  • Rules for Pinterest and Instagram: With both networks, one can easily connect with market leaders as compared to Facebook and Twitter. The more detailed your profile is , chances are more for increasing the visitors reach and when we take a look at the performance of social media channels in increasing the business presence then Pinterest was ranked at Four and Instagram at seven.Most use full Marketing

    This shows that Instagram and Pinterest are powerful marketing tools having their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Wind up:

    Hence, make these social channels the part of your business strategy and try to get more and more customers thus increasing brand awareness. These networks will definitely serve as a great place to engage with audience.

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