First week of New Year is over and second is half completed. January is here, the month that includes taking a glance on 2014 plans, strategies, what worked what not, where the improvements are needed and more. Further, it includes preparing plans for the entire year and fulfilling things that were not possible in the previous year.

So, first month is already in and everyone is eager to know what new this year has brought in the field of SEO. Wasting less of our time, let’s move head and know what 2015 has special for SEO?

SEO Surprise 2015!

2014 was the year of constant updates as everyone believes and still it will take time to settle in. Looking forward to SEO in 2015, let’s take look at how this year will impact SEO industry:

  • Mobile Friendly Sites: Seems like 2015 is more concentrated and more focused on responsive websites and content that is easily readable on mobile devices. More stress is to be given on rendering easy access to people by providing them real time quick loading mobile friendly sites.This directly relates to mobile SEO strategy. In short, mobile SEO strategy will be one of the key areas that business people must focus on in order to stay ahead among competitors. Google algorithms will also take this thing in to consideration and now websites will also be measured on how mobile friendly they are.Till today, if you haven’t opted for this trend then this is the best time to start with.
  • Content SEO and technical SEO: 2015 will see content SEO and technical SEO as two different parts instead of considering them as one. Content based SEO is an easy aspect as compared to technical aspects that are time consuming as well as a bit difficult to understand.
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  • Long tail questions are preferred instead of short keywords: Those times have ended when search was done using one or two short keywords. Now times are such that people type long questions to search for anything like: How to open a bank account?Questions have become the main focus area. This is done so that viewers can get up to the mark details and relevant answers that suffice their needs. Only keywords led sometimes to the answers or information that were not related and just contained the keyword.With Voice search gaining popularity, 2015 will be the year where people will search most of things using voice search. Websites must adopt these changes to stay in the market.
  • Worst Penalty for Worst SEO: Be alert, if you are the one having website with bad SEO, 2015 is the year where you will get hardly penalized. Google takes long time to identify the websites that use bad SEO tactics.Once found, penalties are very high. So, businesses must be cautious while choosing SEO tactics and must always choose the organic, safe and reputable ones.
  • Make most use of Social Media: It is preferable to use Social media tools like Google+, Face book especially when it comes to increase the brand awareness. So, now is the time to utilize them as much as possible.

Wind Up

With these new things, 2015 will be the year when SEO will have a completely new picture and business owners who will adopt these trends will definitely get the opportunity to be among the top search results.

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