Initially, Photoshop was not created as web design tool but this is the fact that most of the website designers are still unaware of. There are certain plug-ins that make Photoshop, a perfect tool for web designing.

In this blog post, we will discuss these plug-ins that are especially made for web design. Let’s discuss them at length:

Photoshop Plugins for Web Design:

  1. Suitcase Fusion 6: It is the perfect Add on for every font. This plugin keeps all of your favourite fonts organized and in such a way that these can be reached easily even in Photoshop.The fonts can be compared side by side and their appearances can be viewed to cut a lot of busy work from finalizing typography.
  2. Retinize it: Time has come when most of us use HD Devices or are slowly shifting towards its use. This plugin allows designers to slice and export from several layers or groups as assets.
    Photoshop Plugins
    This is the standard however this plugin offers an option to zoom the shapes or smart objects by 200% thus making an image easily visible on Retina and iOS displays.
  3. Codly: With this Plugin, one can automatically have codes for your Photoshop mobile design thus saving lots of work in development and giving more space for experiments.With drag and drop usability, the plugin generates code for well known platforms like iOS, Android XML, Windows 10 and Blackberry.
  4. PhotoShop Prototyping Plugin: If you have created the mockup in Photoshop then you will need to rebuild it from scratch when you prototype. The prototyping app UXPin will easily solve this problem with the help of a Plugin that offers complete integration.One can export PSDs directly to collaborative design platform and then add interactions to the mockup in order to have feedback from all stake-holders as well as team members. Further, the platform also offers all layers for prototyping.
  5. Layer Craft: Another Photoshop Plugin that is used as a multipurpose tool for exporting individual assets for PS Layers. This can be then directly exported to iOS and Android where several options such as scaling up to 200%, scaling down to 500%, duplicating, trimming and removing empty pixels are easily available.
  6. PSD Cleaner: At times, owners are too busy that they don’t have time to organize PDF files. This plugin- PSD Cleaner is the solution for you. It is available for $19.94This plugin can do all the tasks for you such as PhotoShopping, browsing for missed names or empty layers so that you can easily divert all of your attention towards designing with proper concentration.
  7. Oven: No, this is not any kitchen appliance. It is a name of one of the Photoshop plugins that helps with other Plug-ins. While creating image assets from the layers using another plugin, it is necessary that they must be named correctly before being exported.Like as normal oven is used to bake dishes in the same manner this plug-in also bakes your PS layers and then these can be exported for any device say Android or iOS in any format say .jpeg or .png with another option to keep the original label names intact.

Take Away:

Do you know about any of the additional plugins? Then, take time to share those with us. We would love to hear from you. For more such updates about Website Design, stay tuned with Platinum SEO; responsive web design Melbourne.