So, New Year is arriving and there are lot of changes that you will see in Google’s algorithms as well as your SEO strategy. Every year we can see some of the updates in the SEO field. Today, here we will discuss about the new upcoming trends for SEO that will be useful in SEO.

Let’s begin and take a look at these noteworthy trends:

  1. Dark Traffic: Huge amount of traffic is directed towards websites from social media and messaging apps. But with Google Analytics, you can easily measure the amount of traffic on every website.

    The main drawback is that Google Analytics won’t be able to tell you the source from where visitors arrive. Such visit from unknown sources is considered to be direct traffic. It is unlikely that someone typed the URL in the browser bar.

    This dark traffic will give you a huge share of overall visits which will make it easy to track the marketing activities. Hard work is required to boost the organic, social and mobile traffic but still you are not sure that it is working.

    The only way to handle your dark traffic is to get direct traffic report in Google Analytics and then filter out the traffic to pages which can directly attract visitors. Such pages are homepage and the front page of important content.

    This will convert the unknown traffic or we can say dark traffic to the direct traffic and as a result, you will easily be able to estimate the amount of dark traffic to your website.

  2. Rich Answers: These are direct answers to search queries and they show up on the top of pages of search engine results. Their frequency keeps on increasing and based on the study, the firm recorded a track of queries which were likely to result into a rich answer.

    Further, they found 38% boost in rich answers within first six months of 2015. If your SEO Strategy depends on content such as weather, currency, exchange rates etc then maximum number of rich answers can rank the traffic.

    On the other hand, if you have high quality unique content which can help Google searchers to get the answers for common questions then rich answers serve to be an opportunity for you.

    SEO Trends for 2016

    75% of rich answers come through Google’s external data. Hence, if you wish that your content should appear in these rich answers then you need to do some long tail keyword research to get commonly asked questions in your niche.

    This will help you to create the content that includes a question with a solid answer. Your content must provide you additional information which makes it worthwhile for someone to click through even if the answer to the search query is available on SERP.

  3. Double Algorithm theory: It is still a question whether rankings are based on user behaviour or not. Several experiments have proved this however Google is moving towards user centric approach to deliver search results so that they can meet the searcher’s needs in a better way.

    Search marketers must integrate the traditional SEO with the new search oriented SEO. This means you must focus on four factors that relate to search behaviours which can boost rankings:

    • Click through rates
    • Engagement
    • Well rounded content
    • Social signals.
  4. More competition From Google: In order to quickly satisfy the searchers; Google adds SERP elements such as paid ads, local packs, carousel results, knowledge graphs and rich snippets. Every searcher interacts in a different way in every query. These new page elements catch the attention of the users.

    Now, keyword search volume is not the only predictor of traffic to your website because competition from these SERP elements can reduce the traffic potential. However, on the other hand they can increase the traffic as well.

    Let’s say if your business is local then you can make use of that local pack or to make the page eligible for rich snippet, add structured data like as product information, recipes, reviews, events and software applications.

  5. Keywords serve as a collection: Certain words make it easy for searchers to find things from Google. Let’s say when you type any word in search box say “Formal wear Men’s” then the search engine knows that all results having these words are to be included.

    But this is just for starters because now days, Google algorithms easily recognize the meaning behind the query and this may offer the same answer to several queries which use different keywords.

    Hence, instead of searching for individual keywords; it is necessary to identify groups of related terms and their synonyms. Then, you must create pages which are relevant to the core term and also to the wider group of related terms.

    This trend can make the website content very interesting rather using that old text having repetitive keywords. At times, you can be more creative and make use of synonyms till you stick to the point.

Wind Up:

These concepts are now in trend. Hence, it is necessary to understand them properly and know how they affect SEO efforts. This will freshen up the strategy so that one can stay competitive in future.

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