Post an update, get likes, get shares, tweet it, follow it and keep updating your business page, this is a regular cycle that is followed by all digital marketers in order to either get noticed on Social media or to increase conversions or to boost brand presence.

Every human being is different and so every digital marketer will think on its own regarding the ways he/she can use to enhance the company’s presence on Social media sites because this is what they are paid for.

Social Media Misbelieves

Different minds think differently and thus arises a pool of certain misbelieves because some things might for some while those may not work for others and for those who are unable to get results from certain techniques then these are transformed into misbelieves.

Further, these get spread when they are actually sharing their experience or are educating any one regarding Social media plan. In reality, no such misbelieve exists because based on business; strategies keep changing.

However, certain things about Social media are deep rooted in the minds of people. Let’s find out what they are:

  • Spread your presence everywhere: You might have seen some social marketers managing multiple social media accounts at a time ultimately leading it to a complete mess. But is it necessary to be available on every social media platform?

    A simple question that relates to this “Is it necessary to taste every type of food?” Obviously, you will eat what you like or whatever is available at your place. Same is with social media, only those platforms that can actually benefit the business must be used.

    Making presence everywhere is not actually necessary. Social media platforms must be selected keeping in mind your target audience, product or service offered by you. This will save your as well as your digital marketer’s time thus allowing them to focus more on those that are actually going to give you proper results.

  • Maximum posts can lead to maximum results: Again the biggest misconception about Social media, the more you post the more you will be visible.

    Certain social media platforms have restrictions on number of posts per day. If you post more than the criteria then either you will be considered as Spam or you will be restricted from posting.

    Too many posts can actually create a bad impression in the minds of people. Only robots can actually post constantly. What is of more importance is to actually publish quality content and then optimize it to gain more viewers.

    4 posts in a month that are properly looked after will serve you far better than posting 20 a month and then leaving them unnoticed.

  • Social Media Marketing is Free: Yes, you can create a social media profile for free but you cannot use its tactics for free. When you are really serious about using social media for marketing purpose then you need to shell out some money from your pocket.

    Before actually using any of the social platforms for advertising, make sure to develop a perfect social media strategy and then invest in it because without proper plan there are chances that you may face losses.

    Once adopted, constantly keep on measuring the success and the ROI and make necessary changes; this will help you to achieve your goals.

  • Social media can replace website: Not actually because website has so many features that a business page cannot have. An important point; your business page is on some other platform where as your website is your own platform that showcases your USBs.

    So, if you are a business owner then both viz. website as well as Social media business page are mandatory.

Wind up:

This blog post from Platinum SEO, SEO Professionals at Sydney might have cleared these myths and now you can easily use these platforms to ramp up your business on the internet. Have some more doubts and want to get them cleared today, Get in touch with us soon!