Till now, we have become very much aware about the importance of social media in creating the business awareness as well as maintaining it. But, if it’s not used properly then the situation can be worsened. In order to make the readers aware about some common social media marketing mistakes that can actually hinder the progress, we have written this post:

Few mistakes to take care while using Social Media:

  1. Improper supervision of social media managers: Social media managers are responsible for managing company’s social media account. As every small business owner is aware about the success that social media can give to any business, it’s necessary to keep social media account up to date and perfect. Social media managers are important people as they only are responsible for proper maintenance of social media account. Hence, it’s necessary for owner to keep a check on activities carried out by these managers.Social Media StrategistExperts make mistakes however some mistakes are almost unavoidable and if we closely look at social media then we will see many accounts handled by poor inexperienced or untrained social media employees who use company’s social media accounts as they want.
  2. Late response to negative feedback: An ideal situation is to respond to positive as well as negative feedback. However, in case of negative feedback it’s necessary to give prompt response because if not done so customers can get a bad impression about the company with a conception of poor customer service.The way you respond to negative feedback matters a lot and so kindly avoid ignoring negative comments or deleting them instead face them and answer them as these will always help you to learn some new things.
  3. Should one buy likes or followers? : This leaves a doubt. I mean do companies don’t have confidence in their work. For those who doubt their qualities have to buy likes because if people love your work then they are definitely going to like it and follow you. So, is there any need to do so? Buying likes and followers is a risky business actually and it can badly damage the online reputation of the business because moon that borrows light from sun also gets faded after some time. So, for how long will these fake followers help you to gain value? Hence, avoid purchasing likes or followers instead develop a quality that helps to get enormous number of likes and followers who are actually interested in your post.
  4. Avoid constant product promotion: Promoting products one by one constantly on social media is of no use because social media is not just a marketing place it’s a sharing platform where relationships are developed that ultimately leads to sales. Don’t use it as a means to market products. It’s not a market place; it’s a place where a community is developed. So, always promote products once or twice in a month. The main focus should be to divert followers into sales tunnel.
  5. No content repetition: Will you love to see same advertisement campaign daily? One day you will get irritated, Right? Yes so if we don’t love to see same advertisement campaigns daily then how can we like to read same posts every day? New post everyday keeps people glued on your social media account. So, avoid developing a boring impression of your own by posting similar type of contents instead get a variety.

Wind up:

Avoid these mistakes to make proper and appropriate use of your social media accounts. Keep it engaging by posting various contents with a planned SMM strategy. This leaves an impression that you have a well trained social media team who believes firmly in developing relations rather than just using it as a platform to market business.

Hence, while developing any social media strategy, keep in mind to avoid these social media mistakes. For more such great posts about social media, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, well known SEO Company Melbourne, Platinum SEO.