Facebook will now allow Google search engine crawlers to work their way with the use of some public data of its members in such a way that indexing can lead searchers directly to the source.

In such a manner that it could considerably change the face of social media marketing. Now the announcement has been made that many marketers are already working to identify the ways in which social media marketing can have a direct impact on search engine optimization strategies.

Google searches conducted over Android based Smart phones will start to showcase public Facebook information like as Pages, profiles, groups and events. If a user clicks on a given Facebook link from the results then these will be redirected to specific source on the page within Facebook App.

This new social media marketing opportunity is created via Google’s Strategy to add Search to the apps. As per Wall Street Journal; a well known source to announce mobile marketing news; Google is making inroads in facing a big challenge that is to search inside the apps.

This agreement between the two tech giants shows that the executives from top social network have found that sending searchers into their social media platforms straight away from search engine results presents a huge range of responsibilities.

On one side Google offers its users with a greater incentive to choose the Company’s search features as opposed to opting for one of its alternatives like as Bing. On one side of Facebook, maximum traffic will be driven to the links to various social networks on regular basis.

From another side of the users especially in terms of brands with various pages and groups, it will be interesting to see how this change will impact their social media marketing strategies and what they must do to ensure what they achieve as the top possible spot for their desired keywords and phrases.

How Google uses Facebook?

If you wish to use any social network for Google SEO then it is necessary to know what Google current algorithm does with data on that network. What it indexes, signals about which it cares. This means counting the popularity of social content as a ranking factor on Google.

This can be up – ranking Facebook posts which have lots of likes. This seems obvious to know what Google does with Facebook. According to Matt Cutts’ recent guidance- Google indexes Facebook pages like other pages wherein Google doesn’t have special way to count up likes, shares and other signals.

How Facebook is Good for SEO?

Facebook is different from today’s Graph search which is the internal search engine of Facebook that was launched in 2013. This gradually develops steam. Graph Search has the potential to be a viable threat to the supremacy of Google.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it is where the company wants it to take it.

Key Takeaways: Facebook Tactics for Google, Graph Search and Bing:

Graph search optimization involves lots of same tactics which are needed for Google SEO and Bing. The most important practice is to get engaged. Develop sharable content and boost its likings and sharing.

Graph Search and Bing both include social signals straight away into their search engine results. Actively cultivating relationships and inviting participation with the content will help you indirectly with Google by developing links to your website.

Other things to be done:

  • Customize Facebook URL
  • Have your page name, brand or company name and nothing else.
  • Fill all the necessary information and make use of some keywords from Google SEO playbook.
  • Connect your pages to all other online presence.
  • Make use of Graph search to research customers and competitors.

Wind Up:

At present; Facebook doesn’t offer direct benefits for Google SEO in the form of social signals that impact search results. This can be used to build traffic and links to your website as well as other online properties.

One can use Graph Search to know what your fans and competitors are doing and what things they are discussing. Everyone must be watching to see whether Graph Search delivers a serious bid on its contender Google.

So, from now you can also opt for mobile social media marketing on Facebook in order to boost your search results. Stay connected with one of the SEO Company in Sydney; Platinum SEO to get proper guidance about SEO.