Adwords had new features in 2015. We all know that it is changing constantly and some of its updates have very less number of social shares. Only few topics stood out and got several shares.

Google Adwords Features

Adwords New Features in 2015:

  1. Customer Match: This is the new type of audience list which is the most shared new feature in Adwords. It was shared 7500 times and also is one of the top shared topics about Adwords in general.One of the Adwords strength is the ability to target searchers at the moment when they are searching for the right keyword. With customer match, targeting has become much better.Advertisers can show various ads and set different bids for the users who are already getting converted into sales or who had done some purchase in the past.
  2. Upgraded URLs: Once in a year, Google rolled out an update which asked all advertisers to make a big change for the way they work with Adwords. In 2013, there were enhanced campaigns and in 2014, there was a change that showed how exact keywords worked.In 2015, upgraded URLs were introduced to show destination URLs work. This was the change that every advertiser had to think about and this got a lot of social sharing activity.
  3. Call Only Ads: Nearly 25% of small businesses still lack a website. As per the study, this number is even higher. Hence, it is no surprise that introduction to Call Only Ads was a big deal.Even small businesses who need more calls can make use of Adwords without a website first.
  4. Nearby Business Ads: To get better experiences for mobile users and to find new ways for local businesses to get more traffic, a new mobile ad format is available that shows nearby businesses that are based on location extension data got shared on social networks.
  5. Location in Ad Customizers: The ability to add location targeting data to Ad Customizers was one of the most shared new Adwords feature in 2015. This makes it easier to show different ads based on the location of the user.This was possible by developing separate campaigns with different targeting and this can be cumbersome.
  6. Keywords: The original targeting method of Adwords is Keywords. There are no major changes on how they work in 2015. It was still the topic of the most shared content.All auctions on Adwords run in USD. These are the front end fields that can be used for entering bids. This doesn’t make sense to change the maximum bid which is allowed to be entered in the interface.
    Targeting Method of Adwords
    The time advertisers in one currency could place higher bids than those in other currencies as the exchange rates are diverged. The great new keywords usually rely on analyzing the query data or using algorithms to do some semantic analysis.
  7. Display Ads: Display Ads got very less attention in 2015. This is based on how often the articles are shared in 2015. One of the posts stating that Google converts Flash Ads into HTML 5 was mostly shared one.This news was very exciting for display advertisers because it displays the entire inventory on devices and browsers who don’t support Flash. It includes every website that was viewed on iOS devices.The most important thing to advertisers was the news that Adwords only charge CPM for all the ads that are viewed. The basic tenet of PPC advertising is paying only for what you get.This was good news for brand focused advertisers who prefer to pay CPMs.
  8. Metrics and Conversions: One of the key strengths of Adwords is the way these are measured. In order to justify the aforementioned rise in CPCs, Google updates can be tracked with things like store visits.There were several changes to conversions that required advertisers to change the way they think about them. For instance, conversions include all those for which advertisers need the count.The ability to choose conversions that can be used for bid management is now existed in Adwords and slowly it is getting more prominence. Conversions appear as fractional values as Adwords is preparing for changes.These changes make Adwords data more useful for making right optimization decisions.


Considering the summary of some most of the shared posts about Adwords; we can say that an article as well as the infographic about Adwords got 3400 shares and others got near about 3000 shares.

Hence, this is our final post of 2015 related to AdWords and we will meet soon in 2016 with fresh content. Till then have happy holidays. Thanks for reading our posts in 2015.

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