Every Industry faces trends every year. Same is the case with Paid search. Today, we saw several brands that can adopt more methods. Here, in this blog post; we will cover three specific areas in paid search that advertisers must consider in 2016.

PPC Adevertising

Here, we will see what we learnt about the same in 2015:

  1. Ad messaging strategy: A normal PPC ad is of 95 characters. This offers the client few good options to select from. But now, everything has changed. This year it didn’t change. But Adwords released more and more ways to boost your ads with various bags of extension.

    Slowly, it became less about characters and more about a strategy like a website that carefully crafts the complete messaging using several features available. There are seven manual ad extensions to select from and among these there’s one with structured snippets.

    This means there are new ways to merge and highlight key aspects of the business. This includes features, benefits as well as differentiators of the company.

  2. Video Ads: Video campaigns are not new. During past, we focused on Google Search Network only and then it evolved to be search ads as well as remarketing and display ads.

    In case, your clients have sufficient budget then it is advisable to focus on video ads. Google also uses True View video campaigns into Adwords interface. Using this strategy will allow one to be more prepared when video campaigns will be more useful in the near future.

  3. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: RLSA is the technique that allows you to alter search ads, bids and keywords when past site visitors are searching on Google for products and services that are similar to yours.

    One can review the returning visitors’ data in the Adwords interface. If these returning visitors are converted at higher cost per acquisition than new visitors, one can lower the bid on our search ads for the audience.

    If they are getting converted at lower cost, the bid for that audience can also be increased. WordStream has an in depth article related to remarketing lists. This includes detailed information about remarketing.

There are several avenues to be explored in paid search. However, one follows those paths that offer the most return for every individual scenario. It is necessary to test that out hence it is necessary to choose at least one paid search tactic that one has not tried in 2016. One can never know how good or bad it can be.

Wind Up:

Apart from the three trends listed here, we can find several others which can be used to boost PPC campaigns. At present, we found these. Keep in touch with us for more of such guidance related to pay per click advertising.

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