On July 24th was published Google’s new update, oriented to local searches. The name of their algorithm was Pigeon update. They wanted to improve their rankings in local searches. They don’t want to tell how much queries were impacted then when they published it, but I think that from this Pigeon update were impacted many queries in a local searching.

Also the searching was improved in two fields, Google maps search results and their Google Web search results. These days Google told that their new local algorithm has made deeper searching into web, also that deeper searching includes ranking signal that are used in a web search together with features that is giving to us Knowledge graph. With this new algorithm they have better distance and rankings in local areas accuracy.

Now that Pigeon Google algorithm for local searches is updated. With this update, this algorithm is made even better than before.

On many forums around the internet many owners of websites and webmasters are noticing this change. Well, here we have made a small comparison about the search results after launching Pigeon algorithm and results from today.

For sure there some changes that are made in this algorithm because there are some changes in rankings.

Previous Results and after Results of Launching New Google Pigeon Update:

Previous Results and After Results

While searching for the keyword New York hotels on Google Search Engine, there was a change in search results before and after the updates. Here are the results before and after the update:

Before the Update:

New Your Hotels Before Update

After the update:

New Your Hotels After Update

For sure this was some type of Google Pigeon update, but this is not for sure because there is no news about this update from Google. Maybe this was only one punch from series of new updates of Google, we will see. Everything that left to us it’s to wait for news from Google.
For sure many of local business were punished with this update, and they have their websites at the bottom from the top of the search results. In last time with many of these update Google shows that it accepts only original content, trusted and unique.

Also they don’t want fake rankings techniques. Such as a bad links that are made on the sites with no page rank. As the time passes, only the websites that have trusted unique and original content will stay on the top of Google search results. Google wants to make internet a place where we can find everything that we need.

Also Google wants visitors to be 100 % sure that the information they get from internet is correct and reliable without any kind of duplicity. For those who want to make money using some fake techniques for ranking on Google will soon be penalized. So, Google rankings will automatically follow you if your website has unique and original content.

Wind Up:

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