Business owners tend to use Google Adwords for boosting the presence of their online business.

Geo Customizers in Google Adwords:

Several features of Google Adwords are now slowly releasing which are useful to business people upto an extent.

Today, we will discuss here about one of the amazing features of Adwords and how it is useful? So, let’s begin:

reduce CPA with adwords geo customizers

The latest feature of Google Adwords is Geo customizers. These are used to personalize our ad copy and now it has come up with lots of options for local advertisers. Using geo ad customizers; advertisers who have some inventory or certain special offers can now be dynamically updated to make most use of geo specific information that is especially designed for a particular location or location of interest.

It is especially useful for searchers who can bring the purchasing funnel down in search of an awesome deal. The ads will be for a particular location and it will provide required information so that users can easily know about it.

In case, you are using call extensions then the sales can be quicker thus allowing users to purchase without visiting the website.  How to get perfect Results with Geo Ad Customizers?

How to get perfect Results with Geo Ad Customizers?

When this feature was tested in one of our client’s project, it was found that it serves like a complete help to keep up with the sales during slow seasons. This means even less conversions and increased Cost Per acquisition can help you to get maximum sales.

While testing this new feature, it was observed that CTR as well as click conversion rates have increased to an extent. You can also come to know about the top performing areas just by looking to the feed in Business data section.

One can also choose performance metrics in various columns and hence this information will be helpful for targeting locations as per the campaigns either for boosting the bids or reducing bids in particular location or develop a particular campaign for particular location.

For example:One campaign can be developed for Sydney, another for Melbourne and so on. This will help to increase the sales from different locations.

Creating Advertisements for Geo Ad Customizers:

In order to create an advertisement for Geo Ad Customizers, first of all one must create a feed and then include the geo based information in the same manner like we upload the product information for ad customizers to Business Data Section.

For creating such feeds, Google offers a perfect template. Here, the attributes can be named inside the feed and then attributes will serve as the main roots for developing customized ads. The column which is selected will be located in the Target Location.

It is a target attribute and will be specific to the inventory location and it must include all the required details like as City, State, Province, Country and more.  If you wish to get specific and customized info then it is necessary to have a Target Campaign.

This will make sure that customized ads work only for those particular ad groups and that too for that particular product only for which the campaign is designed. The customizer attributes can be used as per the needs. And once the feed is completely feed then it can be uploaded to the Data section of the business.

Developing customizer ads is a very easy task. Just type‘{‘and this will directly upload the feed. This feed will then be chosen for referencing and then the attribute can be selected for the values that will be visible in the advertisement.

An important thing to be kept in mind while creating ads is the character limit. So, always maintain the attribute length within 25 -55 characters (especially useful for text advertisements)

Brief Note:

In a nutshell, we can say that this blog post has covered following things:

    • Geo ad customizers are useful for local advertisers who wish to sell local products as well as special offers in any city.
    • This will give you an edge by making local advertisements which are pertinent to any user.
    • This will also save time from updating the ads thus improving ad performance and helping to capture customers during the purchasing process.

Let us know how Adwords Customizers are becoming useful to you or if you have used it then do share you experiences with us.

Wind up:

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