On an average, big SEO company Sydney wait for over six months for technical change and does not deploy for another six months. In about 40% cases, the wait goes for another year.

It is a common challenge and is center to the fundamental goal of making a difference for the clients and effect change in the core values. The challenge in this area is growing for all the big companies. As startups come to grip with continuous deployment and approach to bring agility to process, big companies are staying behind aging technology stack. The stats of SEO show that some people are responsible for about billions of page view per month.

SEO Changes

The real problems faced by enterprises can be seen in questions like:

  • What technical change is required to make your site easy?
  • How long will this change need?
  • What is holding up the necessary changes?
  • What are the problems of your organization?

For how long people are waiting for technical change, about 42% answered that they have been waiting for more than a year’s time. Another part i.e. 58% did not anticipate any change for at least another 6 months.

When reasons were searched, it was shocking to know:

  • Priorities of marketing team have followed behind other teams.
  • About 37%, change is impossible with the current platform.
  • About 32% times, every change needs to pass through long dev backlog.

The entire range of answer can be divided into two main reasons. They are:

  • Having difficulty in bucketing the full range of answer or preparing the business case.
  • Legacy technology or outdated process may hamper the whole progress.

This is the most common response. About half of the people we spoke to, 47% complained about the inability to make such changes is stopping their team to hit the objectives and it is also a cramping performance of the company. The scale of company we are referring to is incredible, and some geek things become a burning issue for leadership.

What can you do for it?
  1. Get good consulting: The quickest way is to improve consulting, persuasion and communication skills. Get things done to make your case more effective either with more data or with better arguments. Some valuable resources are skills module in DistilledU, Selling to win, etc.
  2. Prepare better business cases: One part of consulting skills is that it is important to get things done in big organizations. It is the ability to build a powerful business case. It is important to analyze financially and data and making an excel model to tell the whole story. Win minds of people with the description of your vision, comparisons, customer care, etc. You can build different kinds of the business case for split testing.
  3. Make things better over a period: The big goal of an enterprise is usually building flywheels and doing things easily in future. Upgrade core infrastructure, continuous integration, deployment, improve the slow process and have ROI in the long term. Get a placing tool like tag management and move to the hands of marketing team directly.

Business cases are designed for getting changes live in the interim until it can be built out fully into the back end. Platinum SEO is a reliable SEO company Sydney suggests starting with lean startup and focusing on marketing and building a prototype.