The sole motto of SEO is to help the spider of search engine discover your site while crawling. It will help an SEO Company Adelaide to give a specific rank to the pages bringing it to the top pages of search engine site. This process is not a one-time job and needs regular attention, testing, maintenance and tuning. Mentioned below are the points for building a full proof strategy for SEO:

SEO Check List

Mentioned below are the points for creating a full proof strategy for SEO:

  1. Business analysis of the Market:
    • Analysis of website: The SEO expert needs to make an in-depth study of the visible text, keywords as well as code. This need to be done in analyzing the position of the site in search engine.
    • Analysis of market competition: To develop a full proof strategy, content keywords of the sites which are in completion with client site need to be judged. Analysis of top 5 to 10 results in Google search engine will be enough to execute the process.
    • Selection of Keywords at initial stage: To make the right choice of keywords you need to, you need to think like a customer as what will you type to search for your business site. Cross check your views by asking customers randomly.
  2. Researching on the Keyword:
    • Analysis of keywords: Once the keywords are selected it’s time now to identify targeted keywords, Recent queries made in search engine for the targeted keywords, numbers of websites in completion with the same keywords. Prioritize the keywords.
    • Assessment of ranking: Check where your website is standing now this will help in analysing the future ranking of your site. Start monitoring the traffic pace to find how functional your keywords are.
    • Objective setting: Set your objectives so that you can measure the growth. Start with a target of minimum 100 visits a day, then progress further.
  3. Optimization of Content:
    • Giving titles to pages: Titles need to be keyword based to get the best exposure in search engine
    • Meta Tag Creation: Right application of meta tags can create results through clicks
    • Use of Keywords: The source code of a website needs to have the application of integrated keywords. It helps the search engine in analysing the subject of the site.
    • Sitemaps for Google: HTML and XML versions, both are mandatory and it helps in making the process of sitemap submission easy with Google.
    • Backlinks to site: Backlinks assist in getting the site indexed quickly in a Google search. Submission of sites links to directory sites gives good results.
  4. Regular monitoring of progress:
    • Monitoring of site: Keep monitoring the advances site traffic to analyze how effective the programs implemented is working for the benefit of the site. Make necessary changes wherever required and observe again.
    • Maintenance service: Modification, addition, and elimination of keywords are must for improving the ranking.

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