During last few years, search engines like as Google, Bing and Apple have started updating their algorithms and machine learning processes to account for the experience of end user.

However, since their algorithms are developed upon the work completed by automated crawling bots, it has become always difficult to actually affect the actions of the user. It is not advisable for them to develop an algorithm that is based on the feedback of individuals.

Presently, search engines have started to write logic and adopt machine learning in algorithms that are based on various user behaviour metrics. This is what user experience must be used for on a website.

Search Experience Optimization

Most of the criteria they measure include site speed, mobile optimization, site structure, content as well as various other signals which offer algorithm an idea whether users are able to get what they want or not.

What it means in terms of SEO?

When it comes to SEO; various companies, marketers, website owners and several other industry experts have entered into the era of search experience optimization. It is one of the great news for those who perform digital marketing in a proper way.

This means that gaming system is less and less viable and those groups which solely depend on black hat techniques can find their efforts to be less effective. Then, how websites can be optimized for search engines when user experience is considered as the base?

Get Answers from your questions:

Several ideas like as keyword density, meta descriptions, link profiles can be used to generate or we can say get the data that actually helps to draw more traffic. This is the problem that search engines tend to fix.

These changes can be easily accepted. One must think about visitors at every stage of web design and marketing process. This can be easily done with questions and answer audits that one can ask before developing a campaign.

Let’s say if you are designing the campaign and you may imagine how it can appear in Google search results then you can begin by knowing what your customers are typing in search engines.

There were marketers who would optimize the sites for several terms like snow tires and weight loss products. Search habits now have become more semantic and people now use questions for searching any product instead of typing the keywords.

Various companies start to win in search engine rankings. So, now whenever you think about keywords; try using questions that customers may ask when they are in need of any answer.

Make most use of mobile devices:

Today, smart phones have become the need of the hour. Smart phone searches have more volume than desktop searches. Hence, it is necessary to have your website optimized for mobile traffic.

Google also accepted this fact and hence a new algorithm known as Mobilegeddon was launched in April 2015. This algorithm affected small as well as large businesses. Among the well known fortune 500 companies, 40% still lacked mobile optimization while some major brands immediately grabbed the chance.

Make most use of user metrics:

Once the website content and mobile experience are optimized then one must find the visitors that are coming to the site and then start interacting with them. One can utilize strong enterprise class SEO platforms.

Just take a look at signals and then say whether you are providing positive user experience or not along with mobile speed as well as onsite content. Take a look at various metrics like on site time, bounce rate, pages per visit, return visitor rates as well as conversions rates.

This data will offer insights like as whether visitors really enjoy while browsing websites or not. Search engines are now getting the data influenced by people using their internet browsers.
This data is to be used to understand whether the users are having positive user experience on a website or not.

An important tool- Social Media:

Now, this cannot be forgotten as just giving lip service to social media won’t serve the purpose. It is mandatory to stay engaged on social networking sites. There are various B2B clients in most of the well known industries who continuously participate on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

It is the social media where people talk about lot of things. Let’s say if you are trying to measure whether a site is offering greater user experience or not then you can get a social footprint showcasing this.

You must send links back to the pages on the site while posting on social media. Always link to product pages, company information page as well as location pages. Here, one gets signals from social networks.

Take Away:

So, be it any mode of SEO; and any way to get the website ranked in search engines, it is necessary to know the secrets. As we all know, search experience optimization is an endeavour and one can easily figure it out with little time and effort.

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