We generally keep discussing about website performance as well as its security as this are the well recommended search engine ranking factors as described by Google. Here, we will provide you some tips about the current SEO tools that are used to improve the site performance and some result oriented security tips.

Another protocol developed by Google known as SPDY is used to address many issues related to performance and security of the website. This article will throw some highlight on this protocol works and how it will be useful to you.

Something about SPDY protocol

This protocol was created by Google in order to find a quicker way through which browsers and servers can respond quickly. This protocol is currently used by Internet Engineering Task force as a base for HHTP/2 for controlling the entire web traffic. It was a replacement for any network protocol.

SPDY and HTTP/2 are two protocols supported by most of the web browsers and servers. These are considered one and the same as HTTP/2 is more popular in terms of vocabulary.

Use of HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is the new version of HTTP. This is developed keeping in mind the amount of traffic internet has today as the normal HTTP protocol was created 25 years back keeping in mind that time’s internet traffic.

Few years back, there were slow internet connections, small webpages and very restricted server hardware but now the time has changed. Everywhere, you can see 3G connections and very soon 4G will also be in market.

The response time by the server time was very slow and multiple requests were not allowed at the same time on the same connection.

In order to reduce the waiting time and provide quick response to the request, HTTP/2 was developed to improve the fundamental way in which the web communicates and a better way to use network connections.

Working of HTTP/2

This is all about using underlying network connections in an efficient manner. This protocol completely alters the way how requests and responses go through on the internet, one of the main limitations of HTTP1.

In case of HTTP/2, a single connection is made to the server and then multiple requests are compounded over that connection to obtain multiple responses at the same time.

Multiplexed HTTP/2 Connection
The entire data is combined very efficiently on one single connection and so the server can supply the data to the browser as and when required.

One of the most important benefits of HTTP/2 is the “server push”. This feature allows the server to provide content to any visitor without any request just by identifying what’s he’s searching for. For instance; when any browser visits your website, the server can “push” your logo image on the browser before knowing that it is needed.

This dedicated service to the browser from the servers can help them to load more pages much quicker. So, if we talk about this HTTP/2 protocol, then we can say that it provides great benefits in terms of speed and performance. This protocol is available in the market and one can easily have it to avail the benefits offered.

Wind Up

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