Close your eyes and think about SEO, what first comes to your mind? Yes, Keywords. Keywords are the backbone of any robust SEO strategy. Be it for any business; it is necessary to make most use of keywords if you wish to enhance your business visibility on the internet.

Talking about eCommerce world, here too; keywords are important. Different eCommerce websites have different ways of identifying the keywords. Various tools are available for the various eCommerce sites.

Considering well known eCommerce sites like Amazon; it never shares its keyword data with the merchants and hence optimization for such sites is very difficult. If we talk about Google, it offers easy access to Adwords keyword tool.

On the contrary, Amazon doesn’t offer any kind of keyword research tools. So, here we have discussed about some of the keyword tools that will help you to identify keywords for such eCommerce sites.

Tools that can be used to find competitive keywords:

  • Google Keyword Planner: This tool is available for free. Using this tool, one can use Google’s keyword data to optimize the content for well known sites like Amazon. However, search habits are completely different for search engines as well as eCommerce sites.Keywords don’t reveal the users intention for search. The search can be either informational or for any specific purpose. eCommerce searches intended for purchasing as well as those for informational searches are combined here.

    However, when it comes to eCommerce sites like Amazon or eBay; people search with an aim to purchase the product. Hence, using the keywords available from Google Keyword Planner shows the mixed search for the number of searches carried out for Amazon products.

  • Amazon Auto Suggest: This is one of the keyword tools that is used to identify the keywords which are most valuable to the sellers of Amazon. It uses Amazon’s autosuggest feature to determine the keywords that are mostly searched by people for purchasing any product from Amazon.This enables customers to select a phrase that is suggested based on the words entered in the search bar. It reduces the hassle of typing the complete phrase to search for any product or service.
  • SEO Chat Keyword Suggest Tool: It is yet another useful keyword research tool that is available absolutely free of cost. Developed by long time search resource SEO Chat, it offers autosuggest data for Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.The data can be available and can be compared to identify the differences in the way people search including traditional search, product search and video search. Amazon can be used to focus only on product search.

    Amazon’s Autosuggest Feature
    This tool has a three stage process viz: Typing a keyword or a part of it and then the tool will begin to sort out the words that are auto suggested by Amazon in the search box as shown above.

    Also, it shows additional keywords. Then comes the Bulk Suggest button. This shows all of the keyword suggestions available through Amazon’s search box and the third part known as “Useful Suggestion Button” helps to get Google Keyword tool monthly search data of upto 100 phrases.

    As compared to all other tools, this has complete transparency. However, the process is a bit lengthy but the data can also be exported and can be merged with any other data.

Wind Up:

So, apart from these tools; more of these are also available. Use any one of them and grab the most powerful keywords to boost the visibility of your product on well known eCommerce sites as well as search engines.

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