When people search for your product or services you obviously want to appear as high in the search engine ranking as possible and this hard work is done by SEO Company Sydney for you. SEO stands for search engine optimization which puts you on top of search engine results page. No matter how much you invest on marketing to increase your sale, it is important to invest partial amount on SEO also to increase the sales. Furthermost, it equally contributes to promoting your brand.

SEO Mistakes

Clients when in their search looks for your products for your search engines like Google, Yahoo etc they always roll their eyes on top results. In order to attract those customers so that they can become your potential buyers, your business website has to remain on top. It is only possible with the optimization of your website and through SEO.

Also, SEO helps in increasing the brand awareness. Having attractive and beautiful designed website only doesn’t help you to spread brand awareness. SEO friendly website is most important to make your brand popular. Consumer evaluates your brand before coming to you and this time your website plays a vital role to give a good impression to your consumer. Ranking website on the top of the search engine through on-page and off page optimization technique helps to make your brand famous and popular.

There is one goal in online marketing, and that’s to get your web page to the top of Google’s ranking. But sometimes SEO Company Sydney makes the mistake that hurt your chance of landing at the top. So there are few mistakes which you should know to avoid.

  1. Dismissing SEO as unimportant: a surprising number of people believe that producing good content is enough to get their site ranked. But even the greatest content will not make up for lack of proper SEO practice. You still need to build your site in such a way that search engines like Google can easily index it for the user and there is a whole list of things to be including:
  • Using SEO friendly URLs
  • Avoiding ugly URLs which makes no sense
  • Starting titles with keywords
  • Adding modifiers to the title
  • Wrapping your blog post title in an H1 tag
  • Wrapping your subheading in H2 tags
  • Making sure the keywords is used in the first 100 words
  • Using responsive design on your sites
  1. Not doing any link building: ensure that the content on your site doesn’t fall stagnant. That means you need to build links to your content, using strategies such as content promotion (or guest blogging), creating content that people are likely to link to and getting local credentials.
  2. Guest posting without proper testing first: writing articles for other blog is a great way to gain exposure and boost your leads, but one must be careful about writing for reputable websites. You will need to investigate the site you want to write for first, because writing for the unreliable, misleading or spam sites could do more harm than good, damaging your reputation and hurting your own site’s ranking if you are linking to it. Check the site you are aiming to guest blog for and see if its audience matches your own target audience. Also, you have to see that does it seem trustworthy considering its domain authority, link profile, online rating, and reviews?
  3. Not promoting your own content: it is one thing to write great content for your website, but you will need to promote and distribute it in order to get yourself heard. Almost 50 percentage of all the website content has just two or less Facebook interaction, while 75 percentage of all content posted on the web had no external links, according to the survey.

As such you will have to make a plan to promote your content, for instance via your email list, social media, paid distribution or a by a combination of all four. These points should be considered by SEO Company Sydney for good results.