SEO is necessary for each and every stage when it comes to online business. To boost traffic, to increase conversions and to continue conversions; SEO is required. It is advisable to optimize each and every stage of conversion funnel and you probably could.

However, first of all; it’s necessary to understand what exactly conversion funnel is? So, let’s take a look at the same:

Conversion Funnel: Meaning

Conversion Funnel is a way of visualizing the stages that prospects go through before every conversion. This is known as funnel as the inverted shape shows how prospects drop off along the way to converting.

Mainly there are three stages in a funnel; these can vary based on customers. The main stages are Top, middle and Bottom.

Marketing Conversion Funnel

Most of the visitors arrive at “Awareness Stage” and slowly the visitor numbers drop off as they move closer to the action or we can say “Conversion” stage. There are few exceptions to these where prime visitors get converted into 74% and non prime at 13%.

Those who visit at the “awareness stage” will get converted as 1-4% as mentioned above. If you think how SEO is to be used to support every site at each stage of the funnel can get those visitors that make it past the awareness stage thus compelling them to take action.

Top of the Funnel:

At the top of the funnel; one can capture potential customers at the “Awareness” stage. Here, customers seem to have some problems and hence they keep searching for web looking for a solution. They are not sure what they wish to buy and when.

To get hold of these potential customers; it is necessary to provide content which is geared around the type of search queries which are asked at such an early stage. The main goal is to answer these queries with a hope that the content will get ranked in SERPs thus bringing searchers to your site.

This means focusing on query based keywords. There are various tools that can help you in this. Most of the marketers’ go to Keyword research tool “Google’s Keyword Planner”.

Optimizing the website for customers at the awareness stage uncovers long tail phrases which lack the search volume that is required to appear in Keyword Planner. Apart from this, other tools are also available say UberSuggest, Infinite Google Suggest etc. that are used for identifying long tailed phrases that customers search for buying cycle.

One can identify necessary information that is available through these tools.

Middle of the Funnel:

Customers who move ahead of the awareness stage as well as into the middle of the funnel are much serious to make a purchase and they don’t have to decide what they want to buy or from whom they need to buy.

Here, you will always get valuable customers. You just need to find the way to represent yourself in front of them. Adding content to your site is one of the effective ways to do that even though the keywords that you target differ.

This means writing a blog post which targets relevant search terms or optimizes current landing pages to capture huge variety of phrases. One must use a mixture of long tail keyword tools as well as Keyword Planner to help one pinpoint the right words and phrases.

Just remember to pay attention to keyword usage irrespective of the content you are creating. One of the best ways is to write guest articles for bigger publications.

Bottom of the Funnel:

You have visitors who seriously consider making a purchase from you. They just require little persuading in order to push them over the edge. Here, keyword tools are somewhat less important and prospects at the bottom of the funnel might have visited the site several times.

At such times; the onsite search becomes the gold mine data and ask for the answers to some of the questions related to your product.

One can make use of video testimonials here. It’s just simple; create the content which is better than everyone else.

Take Away:

Onsite and Technical SEO play an important role in optimizing the conversion funnel as it does in optimizing any of the website elements. The main aim here is to design the site that is developed to capture and transform visitors at all stages which becomes a strategy that later gets combined into keyword driven content with a technically sound website.

If you have anything else that can help to optimize your website then please do share it with us. Stay tuned with us for more such updates related to Local SEO Melbourne.