SEO can be known as Science which is used as per mathematical models and statistics. However, there are plenty of grey areas in the middle. Correlation vs. Causation is one of the grey areas.

We make so many efforts to improve SEO and know about the trends in Google Ranking algorithm, it becomes easy to get confused between the two but what can be the difference and how can this mistake be avoided?

Correlation measures the relationship between two or more variables while analysing the common features of top ranking sites we can identify whether a correlation exists or not.

This information provides a deep insight which can be exploited by marketers for SEO Purposes. Let’s say Facebook shares may be common against high ranking sites which can show a positive correlation.

Another variable found within successful sites may be any of the extensive catalogues of inbound links. Whatever the relationship is; it is necessary not to get carried away with these “insightful findings”.

Correlation And Causation

What is Correlation and Causation?

Correlation and Causation are two different things. In other words, we can say that high ranking pages may have a common feature which is not found in low ranking pages; this feature cannot be considered as the cause of its success.

Every individual web page can vary and there are countless features that contribute to its ranking. These include collection of back-links, lots of engaging content, optimized title tags and lots more.

When so many of these factors are considered; it is impossible to assess the ones that have the impact or the ones that are the cause, it is necessary to make difference between Correlation and Causation while judging the success of our SEO Campaigns.

Let’s say if there’s an increase in the rankings; it can then be easy to assume that our SEO efforts are paying off. In the same manner when rankings slip; one can easily jump to conclusions and consider potential penalties responsible for the lack in performance.

Even though; it is difficult to accept; we can say that there are many factors that are out of our control and these can badly impact website’s rankings. Search engine algorithms are evolving constantly which means that each website is evaluated against the complete set of new standards.

Other factors can be devaluation of certain type of links as well as its competitor activity. If rival websites employ black hat techniques then they are likely to be penalized and this can increase the website rankings.

Hence, we can say that SEO is always considered as correlative instead of causative. It is almost impossible to say that one or other tactics provide the opportunity for higher rankings.


These measures must always be considered and in most of the cases; these must be implemented but either they won’t guarantee success. Make sure to consider all the possible variables as well as their relationship to higher rankings and you must be able to tailor SEO Strategies so that based on that one can get the best results.

Always make sure to analyze your performance metrics against the competition and frame a suitable strategy. If you wish to get a well framed strategy then get in touch with Platinum SEO; well known SEO Sydney.