We can see people spending maximum of their time on the internet either using social networking sites or playing games or watching movies, listening music and so on. This means that time is not utilized in a proper way.

No matter how much more the usage of social media has increased, search engines are always a great way to get traffic on the website. Still users using search engines as compared to social media sites are more in number. So, this makes SEO an integral part of your business. Now, how these latest techniques actually work? Let’s understand here:

Working of Search Engines

Search engines are the pillars on which the world of internet stands. Some people are aware about their working methods while some are not. Before some years, SEO was just considered a child’s play and it was very simple thing.

SEO was known as a process of identifying new keywords and then creating links based on those words. This was the perception of a common man and due to this spam links increased. As a result the quality of search results started reducing.

Process of How Google Works
Now as time passed, Google started updating its search algorithms and removed all the unethical practices that usually people follow to get noticed. Websites that use shady methods were severely penalized by search engines. Here, we have mentioned some important links that previously people used to increase search engine rankings but now they are not adopted.

  • Developing links via link farms
  • Developing links via content farms
  • Including maximum keywords in articles and web pages
  • Developing more number of links within less span of time.
  • Focusing mainly on article marketing and avoiding other techniques.

In case the company whom you have outsourced your SEO project is using any of the above techniques then beware as you are at risk because all these above mentioned techniques are now outdated.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many better ways to improve the site rankings and following are some of them:

Guest Posting

One of the most prevalent trend in the field of SEO is guest posting. Guest posting means publishing articles on others websites and blogs. These provide interesting content for the readers of the website.

Reasons for popularity of Guest Post

Guest posts have links directed to your website that readers can follow.
Website is explored to n number of audience that drive more traffic.
Guest posts are of better quality and mostly preferred by search engines.


Blogging is an important part of promoting your website to the visitors and it is the best way to increase the number of readers. They are a great way to talk casually with your viewers and informative contents are the matter of attraction for the readers.

Creating interesting blogs

  • Identifying the informative content in your niche
  • Attract more readers with attractive titles
  • Provide some insight to the readers about your work.
  • Render some advice about using best product and services.

Writing personal blogs that actually address readers with make the blogs more interesting as they feel that some is there to care about them. This creates the interest in your website thus leading to more traffic. Organic traffic automatically leads to higher rankings in search results as it is mostly favoured by the search engines.

Wind Up

Things doesn’t end here. It is the beginning of new SEO techniques. More of these will be discussed in our coming blogs. Stay updated with Platinum SEO, SEO experts in Melbourne to remain aware about current SEO trends.