Digital marketing is an ever changing field. It keeps on getting updated. Today, in this blog post we will discuss about the latest digital marketing statistics that help us to take proper decisions while framing an online marketing strategy.

So, let’s take a look at these statistics:

Digital Marketing Statistics

  • According to Exchange lab, the average conversion to sale rates during Cyber Monday was 0.12 percent. This is 184 percent increase over the previous day. Last year, Cyber Monday conversion rate was 0.22 percent thus showing an increase of 49% in Sunday to Monday lift.The raw conversion rates below 1 percent show how hard it is to develop an online advertisement that actually compels viewers to click Buy Button.
  • According to Adobe U.S.; Cyber Monday orders have a total of$3.1 billion. It is a one day internet record with 16% increase over the same day in 2014. The previous record was set last week on Black Friday when goods worth $2.7 billion were purchased.
  • Amazon purchased 36% of all online sales on Cyber Monday.
  • brought in $2.7 million in sales on Monday.
  • Now days, it’s getting more and more difficult to develop social media audiences however one marketer must have a strong month when it comes to Facebook. A brand called Toy grew its Facebook audience by more than 1, 66,000 Fans as per the Engagement Labs.
  • Pixability looked at top 100 retailers according to National Retailer Federation. The new skippable videos on YouTube known as TrueView will bring in $41 million this quarter for the Alphabet owned video giant.
  • Ad blocking costs $781 million per year to the Digital marketing industry. Still, it makes up only small chunk of $8.2 billion which is lost to other problems like as bot traffic and content piracy.
  • According to VTech’s current public relations disaster, Hackers gained access to data for about 6.4 million profiles that belonged to their children.
  • According to GlobalWebIndex; one in every four Internet users utilize Google’s social platform at least once a month.
  • Forrester Research found that while 65% of 12 to 17 years think that old school platform is cool; it surprisingly reels more of them as compared to SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter. Sixty percent of teens said Facebook is the social net that they use most often.
  • Nearly 47% are visiting Facebook more this year as they did in 2014.
    Very few people have been so ubiquitous in media like as Donald trump during the recent months. Its live stream has high water mark of nearly 7500.
  • Last Tuesday, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg revealed that 99% of Facebook shares will be given away during the course of their life time. The estimated net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is about $46.8 billion.This development took place with the announcement of birth of their daughter Max.

Wind Up

These are some of the digital marketing statistics that are to be used while preparing a perfect marketing strategy. For more such latest updates about online marketing; stay tuned with Platinum SEO; one of the well known Melbourne SEO firms.