Writing an article, a blog post or anything can be either for marketing purpose or for information purpose. Be it any topic; when it comes to posting content online, either the main purpose or the hidden purpose is to make it visible to thousands of visitors.

And that’s the reason we see Facebook buttons, LinkedIn button, Google Plus and more on each and every single post we read on the internet. The reason is the more you share the more it will reach to the people and as a result, views to that particular post will increase.

Talking about SEO focused contents; we generally think that technical aspects are more important while writing SEO content but the reality is rankings are never determined by technical aspects instead they are determined by the type of content you have written.

The content of the article is what is more important rather than the technical aspect. Optimizing the content in a perfect way is the only way to get more rankings. There are very minute things that must be Considered While Writing any Article or blog.

What are these things? How to consider them? Is one of the most important things that every one especially a content writer must learn. The entire details of how and what content must be optimized, what keywords must be added and how the website should be structured are clearly mentioned about the book called Content SEO.

About Content SEO:

Content SEO

Content SEO is an e- book available for AU$21.00 which teaches the basic aspects of SEO and how one should utilize them to achieve success in business? The main sections that are covered in this book are as follows:

  • Keyword Strategy: This section shows ways to do proper keyword research, reason behind the importance of using long tail keywords and phrases and how long term keyword strategy can help to get more views.
  • Site Architecture: Little aspects like the need to create SEO oriented website structure, placing the important parts of the content at relevant place and some essential tips to enhance the overall website structure is what is included in this section.
  • How to write proper content?: Your copy of the content should be very clear in meaning and it should pass the proper message for what it is meant to be. It should include trust worthy information and must be presented in a structured format.

This book is written by founder of Yoast- Marieke van de Rakt and Joost de Valk who have good experience in the SEO field and have years of hands on experience in SEO field. Content SEO is an initiative through which they wish to share their experience with the entire world.

Wind up:

So Readers; if you wish to get some good knowledge about SEO and know SEO in a nutshell then this book is for you. Further, this knowledge can also help you to check whether the SEO Agency you are outsourcing the work is providing you proper services or not.

Knowledge gained is always useful for self protection as well as growth. So, try to learn as much as you can from this small SEO pocket guide and for advanced guidance, Platinum SEO; SEO Services Provider in Perth is here to give you a helping hand.