Social media is still the best way of communication. Thereby, people are still experimenting, testing with it. With everyday, we get to learn something new and we get to use something new from social media as it is keep changing and inventing new things on each day. Well, with social media you can promote your products or service. There are better ways that can help you to promote. Check it out:

The research on Facebook shows the activity of more than 3.9 million users. Researchers believe that people are self censor because they do not manage to define their audience. The users of Facebook are quite diverse which actually makes it difficult to attract everyone.

As per your marketing policies you should deeply know your audience so that you can manage to communicate with them properly. In order to understand the audience in the proper way you can try to develop personas.

Social Media Psychology

Emotions Shared Online is Contagious

It is true that emotions can be contagious for person but it was not sure whether it can be spread over online or not until the great research over this matter was done. Researchers of the University of California used different software to test the emotional updates of one billion posts on Facebook over the last two years and came out with following results:

  • Profile pictures make big deal:

    The profile picture in social media sites plays a very important role. A recent research on psychological science disclosed that people make conclusions on a person within few seconds after watching his profile picture. Researchers take photos of different expressions and ask participants to rate the characteristics such as competence, meanness, intelligence, attractiveness in an online survey.

  • People like to share selectively:

    The one fourth of social media users shares their “everything” on social media. Around 24% people of the world share their “everything” on social media. There is a clear relationship between “over sharing” and internet penetration according to Washington post. The countries that experience with over sharing are in Asia, Africa and Latin America and penetration is low there. The European countries experience with under sharing.

  • Social feedbacks really help:

    The idea of community on the social media sites is great. Dr. Stephanie Tobin who works in the University of Queensland’s School of psychology found that the participation of social media sites actually help the users a lot and give greater sense of connectedness. In this research, the researchers make a group of people who actually post regularly on Facebook and ask other friends to stay active and other friends are instructed to notice their friends. At the end of this research those people who haven’t posted on Facebook get negative impact on their well being.

  • Over sharing is actually good on social media:

    People actually love to share their own thoughts. It makes them happy as food and money do. A research on this topic shows that the participants are even ready to give money in order to talk with people. Researchers found that the 80% posts on social media are of people’s experience of life.

So, these can really help the marketers to gain some knowledge on promoting services.

Wind up:

Study the minds of people using Social media and frame your social strategies accordingly. This will definitely help you to gain more success. To frame a social media strategy keeping in mind people’s psychology, get in touch with well known SEO Agencies in Melbourne like Platinum SEO.