We all love to laugh and make merry. How if your brand marketing actually makes people laugh and enjoy? Definitely your fans will increase and you will get more customers. So, how to turn your brand into humorous one thus making your followers happy?

Yes, Humour is one of the well adopted consistent marketing techniques which helps to promote your brand on social media in a very positive manner. This means you must make people laugh in your day to day interactions.

Here, in today’s blog post from Platinum SEO, SEO in Melbourne; you will learn how humour can be used to market your brand. Well, before understanding how useful humour is for your brand.

Let’s understand few basic things:

    • Need of Humour: Social media is a place where people get connected with each other on personal basis. With humour, you can make people realize that you are human too. Like this way, more people will like you.Humour easily catches the attention of people. This easily differentiates you from competitor and helps you to get noticed in the crowded space. This all relates to more number of shares.This is one of the best ways to gain loyalty as well as create maximum awareness.
    • Develop your brand voice: The brand voice here relates to your website content, social media posts etc. It can be funny, serious as well as helpful. There are various tones that can be used for the same.Hence, it is mandatory to identify which tone suits your brand the most. Know the type of humour that actually suits your product. If your brand itself has humour in it then it’s time to make changes in brand content or we can say brand voice.Either you can be helpful and humorous or be just ridiculous. But, you should be consistent in your tone. This means you must maintain same tone on all social media accounts. Like as, if you are ridiculous then be ridiculous on social media accounts.
    • Make use of Brand Related humour: Yes, you can be humorous too considering your brand. If you make a good combination of humour and your brand then this can be more beneficial to you.For instance: This company NewCastle Brown has served the purpose of using humour along with its brand.

NewCastle Brown

  • Timely Humour: This means you must use humour along with the current events taking place. This helps you to easily get connected with your fans by selecting the events that are relevant to your audience and this helps you to develop a proper bond with your fans and followers where you can share a common interest as well as experience.
  • Story telling: Everyone likes to read or tell a story and this sounds apt for social media followers. If possible try to explain a story via your social media posts or showcase images that display the entire story.In short, you must do something that is different from just simple text.
  • Try to be more interactive: We use humour to get engaged with fans, But we must make it more interactive. This can be done easily by asking your fans to interact with funny comments.It is very common in social media marketing. Like as, asking your fans to Caption the image. This is one of the ways to ask your fans to be funny. Another way, is to include humour in the answers. This will really be much appreciated.

Wind up:

So, would you like to be an Internet Jokester then we advise you to follow any of the methods given above. Yes, if you have found some more funny examples then do share them with us.

Use maximum humour and try to increase sales as much as you can.