If we step into online marketing world, then there are several ways to increase visibility on the internet; digital marketing is one of them. Further, in digital marketing; PPC campaign is one of the ways.

Just having a PPC campaign is not enough. One needs to measure success and for that one needs to have conversion tracking installed. This allows you to measure the campaigns’ achievements as well as areas of development for campaign.

Here, in this post; we will let you know the ways to track performance of AdWords campaign and make most use of updates that Google makes towards the end of last year.

Last year in September; new optimisation settings were introduced for “Conversions” column. There are several changes which will help to prioritize the stuff that is most important to you for reporting and bidding in conversions.

Later in Oct 2015, reporting for cross device conversions was enabled. This was very exciting as it was now possible to include conversions from desktop, smartphone and tablets in the “Conversion column”.

Here, one just needs to check the box to include conversions that will be taken into account for automated bidding. Hence, conversions column is the one that is used the most and one can take complete advantage of new features with several simple steps which are as follows:

Latest Adwords Features with many simple steps which are listed below:

  1. Develop your first conversion: If you wish to get this amazing feature then click on “Tools and Analysis tab in Adwords” and then select “Conversions” from drop down menu.

    Here, a page named “All conversions” will come up. Now, click on “Conversions” tab and then choose “Conversion” tab to develop first conversion. Here, there’s an option regarding the conversion type one would like to install for the website.

    This depends on the website goal and among these four types of conversions; one can select as per the needs:

    • Website Conversions
    • App Conversions
    • Phone Calls
    • Import.
  2. Name the conversion type: Once you have selected the relevant conversion category then it is time to name the conversion type. It must have an intuitive name. Let’s say if your goal is to track conversions from the website then you can name it as “Website conversions”.
  3. Offer a value to your conversion goal: Finally assign the value to your conversion goal. Here, there are three options and you can choose the one which is most relevant to the business and marketing goals.
  4. Conversion Goal

  5. Select the way conversions are reported: Now, decide how you want conversions to be reported in Adwords Interface. Here, you can use the “Count” feature for the action.
  6. Select the conversion time frame: Now, the final step is to establish the conversion window for your conversions. Here, an advertiser can easily customize the length of time once the ad has been clicked.
  7. The ad must still offer credit for any goal completion. This window can then be modified within 90 days.

After following these steps; one can ensure that things are in their place in several ways as mentioned below:

  1. Conversion tracking in Adwords Interface: Let’s say if your conversion tracking is simple then a single code on “Thanks you” or confirmation page with access to “Tools” section in Adwords is the one where the code is to be created first.

    Now, click on “Web Pages” tab and you will be able to see the pages that are reporting conversions.

  2. View “Website Page Source”: On the confirmation page; right click on the body of the page and then choose “View page source” option. Here, a new window will populate which will show the HTML of landing page.

    Now use Ctrl + F and then find the term “Google Conversion” and then see whether it contains perfect tag or not.

  3. Google Tag Assistant: Here, the easiest solution is to make sure that conversion tracking in its place comes with Google chrome extension. This tool scans the page by itself and then delivers the results to you.

    Once the conversion tracking is done properly in its place then one will easily be able to measure the progress of paid search campaigns, ads and keywords thus allowing more precise data oriented decision making.

Take Away:

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