Thinking about SEO, we sometimes really think of what actually SEO is, why it is so useful and is given maximum importance, what is the main aim behind SEO? Some people think rankings are the important factor for SEO.

Real SEO

However, this is not true. Rankings are a part of SEO; they are not the only measurements for success. SEO is a combination of conversion metrics, ranking metrics, links, keywords and more. Rankings obviously play an important role in the field of SEO; however these can vary based on:

  • Personalization
  • Localization
  • Algorithm updates
  • Link loss
  • Technical problems.

SEO Reality:

If we wish to understand the reality, then there are only selected keywords which render maximum traffic to the website and most of these keywords are branded. Branded keywords are always used to render #1 rank in major search engines and in case your company fails to get the highest ranks with these popular keywords then there’s some issue with the keywords or the SEO strategy.

Companies should rank in top positions for various keywords and once the top position is achieved then these have very less impact on conversion rates or in simple terms we can say, chances are very less to go bottom line quickly.

A perfect SEO strategy mainly deals with Keywords which have good search volume and are similar to the branded products and services. It’s necessary to focus on various SEO metrics for several reasons:

  • To increase traffic, revenue and other conversion goals every year.
  • Using keywords that drive traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Trying different positions for keywords to get more traffic.

Keyword Level data:

Keyword level data means checking the set of data sources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, previous performance, paid search data, third party tools and more help to get this data. There were times when Google updated its index only once in a month and as soon as the index was updated, top ranking was easily availed.

However today, Google has a fixed index update schedule and certain updates are triggered by more signals. Analyses are done on temporary basis to get fresh timely results. The main SEO factor which leads to success is to have a proper combination of time, efforts and cost for business value.

So, if we think about the real SEO Goal then it varies based on the business needs and it is the “need” that identifies the objective as well as frames the SEO Process accordingly which will then lead to proper required traffic, conversion rates and more that ultimately leads to business goal achievement.

Wind up:

If we look closely to SEO and the online business or any website, then they are closely related to each other and together they develop a unique formula to maximize revenue. We can aptly say that SEO and online presence are interrelated, without proper SEO; boost in online presence is not possible.

So, go in a natural way but try to include all of the things that are necessary to increase traffic, be genuine and honest. Need SEO Services in Melbourne from experts? Platinum SEO is here to sort out your problems.