For beginners, it is a new task to create mobile design. Hence, they may not be aware regarding what is to be done, how it is to be done and what is to be prepared? Design is about aesthetics and taste.

You might have referred to several mobile web design guides that talk about things but are you aware that an optimized website also needs emotions.

Design is made of visual techniques and client requirements, changes in consumer behaviour which means that changes must be made in mobile web design.

Developing Mobile Design

Designs change as per time:

Designing with mobile first strategy is necessary in today’s era of cross platform behaviour as mobile is taking the lead. Webmaster Analyst at Google says that 77% mobile users search products and services via their mobile devices.

The time spent by consumers on mobile apps also increases. As per the cross platform report; all smartphone users spend 89% of mobile media time in Q4 using their mobile apps. For a start up firm, it is advisable to give utmost attention to optimized mobile web design as this will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Knowing the interest of your target market is much more difficult in the age of globalization. Markets have now become more saturated with influx of goods and low cost technologies provide certain offers that look similar to each other.

Why emotions?

One thing that is to be understood is the concept that it shifts the attention back to human design aspects. Things like Big data and ROI are important for start ups. Mobile designs cannot be mastered unless they are understood properly as you are dealing with human beings who are filled with emotions.

Emotions have a deep role in people’s lives and these only provide meaning to life. Further, to recognize emotions of customers is the task that will yield you good results. It can do wonders for your brand and ensures that you get brand loyalty.

So, which emotions must be considered?

  1. Joy: Try to spread joy, bring happiness on consumer’s face with your mobile design. This helps you to create positive experience so that readers get inspired and feel the urge to share it with others as well.

    The product or service offered by you is a solution to the customer. So, your website should use good mobile design that can relate with the feelings of customer.

  2. Pleasure: It is one of the important emotions that can be used while developing mobile designs as it is an important tool for human behaviour. Difficult tasks at times become the source of pleasure.

    Try to give your users a sense of pleasure if you know what exactly your target audience needs. This will help you to take your audience into confidence. The best example of this is “SquareSpace”; it uses mobile app focusing on pleasure of novelty. This pleasure must satisfy two levels: i.e. appearance and usability.

  3. Trust: Like all other marketing efforts; one can establish its own business as the answer to the needs of target market. For this, your website must create trust among its visitors.

    Consumers must rely on you and they must believe that you are trustworthy. Market research is necessary to prove yourself. Note what consumers expect from you and then try to meet their expectations; this will help to build trust.

Take Away:

These are the main emotions that must be taken care of while developing a website. Also, few things such as use of hamburger menus, mobile fold effects, mobile menu transitions and animations etc must also be kept in mind while developing responsive web designs.