Few days back, there were maximum highlights in the field of online marketing data. Among those, these are the ones that really stood out.

Some Digital Marketing Statistics:

  1. Real cinematic beauty: Pinterest revealed its old pins which were used by Loreal in a beauty campaign. It used both static as well as promoted pins with the cinematic looping video format to show consumers how they must apply the new highlighter.

    The results are not exactly shocking however one might be surprised to know that these cinematic pins increased the purchase by 37% thus creating brand awareness by 31%. People who saw these static pins; their purchase intent also increased by 31% roughly and product awareness increased by 21%.

  2. Women use Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook: 81% women use Pinterest which includes adults that gain insight about multiple social media platforms’ user characteristics. A little more surprising thing is that media and consumer Research Company found that 61% Instagram users are women and 57% Facebook users are women.
  3. Digital Marketing Statistics

  4. Emails: Trustworthy emails are now used more in digital marketing. 43% of millennial as compared to 32% of shoppers said that they check the emails from retailers on regular basis since six months.
  5. Age Measurements: A company; Moat raised $50 million in funding as per the reports from Wall Street Journal. The web media analytics company’s cash haul shows how digital ads measurement space is not active so far in 2016 with Foursquare, Facebook and lots of other players.
  6. Mobile Radio rising: Among Spotify’s 70 million users and 30 million subscribers; 65% global streams are now available on mobile devices.
  7. Streaming beats downloads: As per America’s recording association; revenue for streaming music in U.S. last year was much bigger than that for music downloads for the first time. The Recording association claims that music streaming accounted for 33% of industry’s revenue in 2015 including downloads at 34%.

    Physical music revenues made up to 28.8% of industry’s sales.

  8. It’s the trend of BOPIS: Now, what’s that? What is BOPIS? Is it a new technique in digital marketing technique in the industry? BOPIS stands for buy online pickup in store. According to the study by digital ads company; 500 U.S. consumers had purchased things online and then picked up from the store.

    The measurement of BOPIS was 44% in every three months.

  9. Growth in social followers: Nearly 27000 brands across the industry have social accounts. These include tracking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The brands in this study saw the follower growth of 42%.

Take Away:

These digital marketing statistics will give a glimpse of what’s going in the digital marketing industry and based on that; you can take your next step. Hope this blog post will be useful to you in taking result oriented decisions related to Digital marketing.

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