Google and other search engines often keep track on what exactly people are searching on the internet and which keywords are used the most for searching any particular product or service. With years of experience, experts have got good understanding about searcher’s intent and what they exactly want to search on internet.

Sometimes exact things may not be known but at least they can get the idea of what viewers want to search. This is somewhat really a complex task but it is made easy by Google. Let’s see how:
The main to identify anyone’s intent is to know about the connection of entities with the search engine. Here comes the role of topic modelling and Semantic connectivity. These two topics can look complex to read and understand but this the core behind identifying the searcher’s intent.

Google Webmaster Tool
Let’s have a look at how these help to predict about what viewer will search. These are important to understand how exactly search engines work and how SEO exactly plays a vital role. The basic concept is search engines provide you the results that contain perfect keywords typed to search anything.

For example:

If you type “Wooden Furniture from Lexington” then it will give you the exact results and only those ones that contain these words. In short, search engines will give only the results that are related to the typed keywords, phrases etc. This is one way to serve your visitors.

Smartest Way adopted by Search Engines:

Google and other search engines are very intelligent to identify what you will type especially for movie topics. If you type any dialogue or say the movie having Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths as actors then it will at once give you the result as movie “Muriel’s wedding” as the first ranking result.

So, here Google accurately knew what visitors want to search and then it provided the relevant results.

We can assume that search engines might have an algorithm such as latent semantic indexing that was used previously to predict the search. It can be assumed that based on the keywords, scoring must be going on as to what results are expected by viewers when they type any search keywords.
And based on these scores, results are available. With the launch of Hummingbird, the interpretation of words and phrases almost changed. So, now we know that search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google can calculate the relative connectivity between topics and words and provide the exact search results.

Wind Up:

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