Are you into eCommerce world? Do you possess your own eCommerce account? We can say that it is already targeting all the basic product based keywords. Hence, we can say that it is tough to develop things much faster.

Here, the good news is; one can always learn lots of things. As per Google; 15% of searches are completely unique and these have never been searched till date. Then, how do you find the particular eCommerce keyword combinations?

This can be answered easily by some of the well known PPC experts. So, let’s take a look at the entire retailers’ keywords lists. This will help you when you wish to develop inspiration. So, here are these tips:

eCommerce Keyword Research Tips:

  1. Go through dynamic search queries: One cannot always think outside the box. Hence, here Google helps you out. Just pay certain amount as commission and the work is done for you.

    Hence, instead of operating small traditional keyword based campaigns; these search ads enhance the power of Google’s organic web crawling technology. This determines the perfect time to serve the ads.

    Developing such Ads is very easy. These can also be added to a search campaign that has all features. However, it is advisable to develop standalone DSA campaigns.

    Just fix the dynamic ad targets that are based on the site content. The data will be used by Adwords to make a list of product categories. Let’s say if a site is well indexed then there are plenty of categories that one can select from.

    Focusing the campaign on specific product category or brand can help to get proper ad targets for specific web pages. This will help to create a separate category that is based on a specific URL, page title or we can say page content.

    One can then create ad groups for specific categories or sections of the website. Then, create description lines for the ads and whole work will be done by Adwords.

    So, if you are running additional search campaigns then you may wish to fix the existing keywords as negatives for DNA campaigns.

  2. Make use of Shopping feeds: Most of the times the eCommerce clients that you inherit already have shopping campaigns running. The feeds can be used to manage these campaigns. These serve as a treasure that is worth of eCommerce ideas.

    Get top products from the feed lists and then add them into Adwords’ Keyword Planner. This will help you to get a good sense of search volume for these items and then recognize the terms that are related to them.

    ecommerce keyword research

    Make sure to properly set geo targeting for every search. This will make sure that you are getting perfect traffic estimates.

  3. Watch for your competitors: Well, spying is considered as bad habit however spying done for good purpose really pays off. Yes, you don’t have access to their account details however still there are few ways through which you can identify the eCommerce terms on which the competitors are bidding.

    Here, the best part is it is not necessary for you to be a hacker. A small tip is to go to Keyword Planner that has a feature where you can place the website URL and find which terms or phrases are mostly used by people to go to any website.

    From Adwords’ point of view this is to be used for your own purpose but here you can place any URL. So, just add your competitor’s website page in the section “Your Landing Page” and then you will get some sets of keyword ideas as well as ad group ideas along with all featuring terms that our competitors are bidding on.

Take Away:

So, these are the three main ways through which you can easily dominate the eCommerce Keyword research. There are many other ways out but we thought these as important.

Let us know if you have used or found some other way to do so. Hope this blog post will be useful to you. For more such details, stay connected with Platinum SEO; a well known Melbourne SEO Services provider.