So easy; So quick but still people always are in need of something that can make social media marketing an easier task. With latest technology; everything has become easy. Here, in this blog post from Platinum SEO, SEO Agency Sydney; we have included some of the web based apps that will make Social media marketing an easy thing.

Let’s move ahead and take a look at these apps:

Web based Apps for Making Social Media Marketing Easy:

  • Shareaholic Browser Extension: Using this extension; one can easily share as well as book mark the lovable content directly from the web to the various social media platforms. This is really awesome. Isn’t it?This is one of the web based apps that is favourite of most of the web users. With this extension; one can easily share the content even on the go.
  • SumALL: This is a social media engagement and analytics tool that is used to automatically send Thank You Retweets as well as recognition from followers and members of the community.It offers a detailed report on daily basis that helps you to get the data about social networking and marketing activities so as to identify what works and what not and then one can make necessary changes in the marketing plans.
  • EverNote Web Clipper App: With this App; one can easily combine the content and share it with followers and fans on various social media networks.
    Content Tools
    In today’s time; Content curation is widely preferred. So, just combine all the content that you want to share with the community and then you can share it with “ Evernote’s Clipper App.
  • This is one of the web applications that is used most often to share content. How actually works?Working of It will simply take your original link to the content and then will create a very short URL for the same. Further, this extension can also be used to know the performance of links that you share on social networks.This is the highly recommended extension for Twitter users as the tweet has the limited character length of up to 140 characters.
  • Share This: Similar to Shareaholic, it is a web based extension that allows you to share the content anywhere and anytime from Google Chrome. It is one of the extensions that saves time of social media marketers and helps them to find amazing content via web.

Wind up:

So, these are some of the amazing apps that can be used to lessen your social media marketing efforts. For social media marketers, these web based apps are very useful. Hence, next time when you wish to share your content; don’t forget to use these extensions.

If you have used them before then do let us know your experience and if you know some more of such type of extensions then do share them with us. Well, this is it for now. Stay tuned with us for more such updates about social media marketing.