SEO is a new-age online marketing term which has taken the world of the internet by storm. If you are looking to start your website campaign then there are certain things that you need to know before you start. Many[...]
Introduction: John is an internet marketer. He constantly is around internet to develop online marketing strategies. He’s aware about the current hip and happenings of the industry. This is necessary for him as the strategy he develops must be according[...]
So easy; So quick but still people always are in need of something that can make social media marketing an easier task. With latest technology; everything has become easy. Here, in this blog post from Platinum SEO, SEO Agency Sydney;[...]
Yes, for some reasons; like as website’s backend maintenance and more; sometimes it is necessary to take down the website. In case you are updating the complete site, then it is advisable to use 503 server status code for various[...]
When we talk about digital marketing; there are few of the marketing techniques which are more useful than infographics. If we make effective use of these techniques then these can really boost our content marketing campaigns. As per the well[...]
Everywhere we can see that social media is adopted quickly by people for marketing purposes. During the last few years, the number of users and platforms has increased. We can see the Facebook users increasing to an extent. Twitter has[...]
Digital marketing changes from time to time. Never know when new updates get released and you may face troubles due to it. Today, you may not be affected by Google’s algorithm but tomorrow there are chances that you get affected[...]
Who doesn’t want to be on 1st position in Google Search results? Everyone isn’t it? But how many of them are actually able to? The ration may be 2:10. The reason being most people are not aware of the exact[...]